Hurt hearts(august alsina)

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August pov
Me and steph breakfast got cut short cuz my manager set up studio time with rich homie quan, trey songz and chris brown

And i just got a bright idea to call steph so i can hear her singing

Aug: wanna come to the studio

Steph: uhhh i guess where is it?

Aug: 759 east south St.

But anyways i like how shawty has enough self respect to make a nigga wait.

End of pov

I walks in the studio in a gold party dress with studded red bottoms

All the niggas in the room was looking at me like i was a piece of cheesecake i just rolled my eyes and aug walks up to me and hugged me

Rich homie quan, trey songz and Chris brown: damn aug how you get with that

They all introduced their selves so aug asked did i wanna sing i said yea

He asked what song i told him beyonce partition

Once i started sing he started recording and smiling

I got done and he told me i have a true talent and a beautiful voice

Aug asked did i wanna get dinner i said yes

After his studio time was over we went to duch'e

And talked until they closed aug brought me home and we kisses and he left

Stephanie pov
Im really feeling aug but something about him tells me i need to keep a eye on him idk if it because of his playa attitude or because he'S a R&B singer but i guess his career comes with pros and cons

Aug told me he gave my recording of me singing beyonce and their think about signing me

I dont know if i want to be signed because of many reasons

I wanna be able to sing aboit my struggles but i dont want this fame shit theres only one thing to do CALL MY MOMMA

Me: hey mom

Mom: hey baby how you doing

Me: good how bout you

Mom: good me and you daddy just came back from vacay

Me: dont tell daddy but im seeing someone and you may know him

Mom: who is it

Me: august alsina

Mom: baby you don't have to lie who is it

Me: mom im serious

I sent her a picture of us

Mom: omg i taught you well

Me: augs record label is thinking about signing me but i dont know what to do

Mom: baby i cant make the decision for you but i can tell you do whats best for because you no you can earn so much money from that so you never have to worry about bills and working again.

Me: thank but your right momma but ill talk to you later tell daddy i love him and to call me later

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