Exposed secrets

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I don't tell nobody but Sean is starting to become controlling and abusive yes he hits me i don't leave because i believe it will get better

August texted me and said he misses me

Big Sean: who you texting

Me: nobody

Big Sean: give me ya phone

Me: sean your not my father

Before he took my phone i made sure i tried to lock it but i accidentally called august and before i could hang up he took it

So he heard every thing

Sean: so you still associating with that nigga

Me: i have to we have a daughter together

As i was talking Sean slap me in the face and august is hearing it all

*august pov*

Stephanie started calling me i said hello but all i heard was yelling the i heard somebody hit somebody
I hope it was the tv

Today steph has to bring Mia over for the weekend and ill get to the bottom of it

I really miss my family why did i ever leave them i fucked up big time

*End of pov*
Im really sore from sean hitting me and im all bruised up so im walking weird so i have to put on this big front because Im talking Mia over augusts for the weekend by myself cause Sean at the studio

We knock on the door and august answered he let us in i stood by the door while Mia and august went in the kitchen

Mia whispered in august ear

Mia: i seen mister Sean hit mommy and she has marks all over her stomach

Aug: thank you baby

August calls me in the kitchen but I'm walking slow to make it less noticeable

When i got in the kitchen august start feeling on me and all over my bruises not knowing they are there

As he was touching then i would flinch or suck my teeth

I guess he notice and he pulled my shirt up and don't feel like dealing with this

Aug: what the fuck is this and don't make up no corny ass excuse

Me: I'm a grown ass women i don't answer to you or anybody else for that matter so don't worry about me

Aug: answer my question and stop tryna act so tough does Sean hit you

Me: yes august alsina is that what you wanna hear yes okay

Aug: how long has this been going on

Me: 😭


Me: About a month

Aug: you leaving him today you no that

Me: no I'm not i can think for myself but i have something for him

Little does every one know every time Sean hits me i go to the hospital and report it and they take pictures for proof

After dropping Mia off i got home and Sean is sitting on the couch with liquor bottles surrounding him

Sean: bitch where was you at

Me: i was at august house dropping Mia off

Sean: if took you that long. Are you fucking him

Me: no i wouldn't do that to you

He got up and slapped me to the floor

Sean: don't fucking lie to me

After i got up i ran to my walk in closet and pulled out my gun and went down stairs i shot him

I called august

Aug: hello

Me: i shot him

Aug: what

Me: i shot Sean august

Aug: okay call the police

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