Death do us part

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Im in jail for murder but with the evidence i have i could get out any day now

My lawyer has to get the pictures and reports from the hospital

* 1 month later*

Im finally out of jail after 2 months I'm about to go get Mia from august house but first I'm going to get my hair and nails done and get me a new outfit to show off this weight loss

Im on my way to august's house i got my hair died red with black streaks

I knock on the door and cheyenne answers and i notice a big ring on her finger

I walk in and Mia runs to me she's 4 now

Me: hi baby

Mia: mommy i missed you so much happened while you was gone

Me: like what

Mia: daddy and that cheyenne is getting married but i don't like her

Me: me neither baby go get your stuff so we can leave were having a sleep over with rain and xavier

After Mia went and got her stuff august started walking down the steps and i hurried up and left before he could come talk to me i honestly don't have anything else to say to him one minute you miss your family the next your getting married

Every time he came and visited me he told me he want his family back but never mentioned he's engaged

When we get to my house rain and xavier was already waiting for us

After the movie xavier carried Mia to her room then we talked about everything including august

Xavier: girl he is a dirty dog

Rain: did you let him explain o i got a favor to ask

Me: what

Rain: can i stay with you until i find a new apartment

Me: omg yes...I'm tired guys y'all can stay if you want to

Them: alright gn boo

The next morning august came over while he was at the door rain called me i told her to tell him i wasn't here

Rain: she went out with a friend for a few hours

Aug: you sure cuz her cars outside

Rain: they took his car

Aug: o its a nigga

Rain: it doesn't matter i'll tell her to call you

Aug: cool

Rain: bye

*2 weeks later*

Every time comes over i have rain tell him I'm not here

Somebody knocks on the door and rain looks put the peep hole and its august

We laugh and i run upstair and lock my bedroom door

Rain: shes not he....

Aug: i no she is she's just ignoring me

With that being said he run upstair and knocks on the door

Aug: Stephanie i no your in there

Me: and what are you gonna do about it

Aug: you'll see

He kicks my bedroom door down

Aug: you don't need that anyways if I'm not here

Me: wtf do you want

Aug: why are you ignoring me

Me: cuz i want you out of my life i wish we never got married i wish you wasn't Mia dad

Aug: why you actin crazy

Me: you ain't see crazy yet ...I'm ready to make this official

Aug: watchu mean

Me: I'm ready to sign them paper cuz i done turned into the women i never thought i be

Aug: don't do this

Me: it's already been done

I take the paper out of my night stand

Aug: i still love you

Me: that ain't enough she got the good guy and i have the player I'm suppose to sit here lonely while you play house with another bitch you got all the way fucked up

August leaned over and kissed me

Me: i think its time for you to go

Aug: its that bad cuz usually

My kisses fix everything....what do i have to do to fix this

Me: it's nothing to fix cuz theres nothing there you fucked up to many times

Aug: so your just giving up on me like that

Me: hell yea, bye now you can let you self out

Aug:😡 you got me all the way fucked up talking to me like that you lucky i don't come over there and knock some sense into ya ass disrespect me like that again

Me: look who your talking to i know you better them you know yourself i also know your not bout that you lucky i don't come over their and knock some sense into ya ass

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