Hurt hearts(august alsina)

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Its been two weeks and im staying with my bestfriend rain

Rain: how you doing

Me: o fine except for i found out my whole love life is a lie

Rain: dont take you attitude out on me

Me: im sorry girl its just i thought i found the one i would spend the rest of my life with

Rain:i no how it feels

Me: i love you girl thanks for always being there

Rain: i love you to but do you wanna go to the club tonight i heard a couple people is gonna preform

Me: yea i need to get out

Rain: be ready at 10:00

It 9:00 and im getting dresses and i put on a chettah print on piece with my hair full of wand curls high ass platforms and all gold jewelry

Ooo i look sexy

So it 10:00 me rain and xavier walk in the club and i see trey songz, rich homie, chris brown, Llyod, trinadad james and august in vip

(Xavier is our gay best friend)

August starts walking towards us and say hey to rain and xavier he kiss my cheek but i act like i didn't feel it

He asked did we wanna come up to vip i said no but my 2 dummies said yes so were walking and august friends start hugging me

And rich homie quan ask "aug how you let this one get away"

All i could do was blush

But what really got me is august response "yall know im slow but ill make it up to her for the rest of her life if she lets me"

August had to go get ready for his preformance

Im at the bar and someone taps me on the shoulder and it big sean

Big sean: hey beautiful you here with anybody

Me: no hbu

Big sean: do you have a boyfriend

Me: no not at you have a girlfriend ??

Big Sean: nahhh im not good with relationships do you have a number so i can call you later


He kisses me on my cheek

I didnt notice august was on stage until he started talking "these songs are dedicated to a special lady" then his security guard came and brought me on stage august got on one knee and started singing a song you deserve

Then he started singing a song called kissing on my tattoos.

I started crying and i ran off of stage and got a cab to the nearest hotel

Then i posted a tweet that said "how does boys do the dumbest thing and make you wanna forgive them 😭😭"

And august retweeted it

Then big Sean subtweeted because baby you fucking with boys not real men

August texted me

Aug: where are you

Me: does it matter

August: you better not be with that nigga big Sean...o yea thought i ain't see you give that nigga you number

Me: im moving on so you should to try to too forget about me like im trying to forget about you✌️✌️💯

August:thats the point i don't wanna move on i want you in my life...just come to breakfast with me

Me: alright just breakfast

Me and august is at breakfast and i misses him so much but I'm not gonna forgive him this easy

Big sean texted me

Big sean: do you wanna get lunch

Me:yeah just text me the details

I need to text xavier and and tell to meet me at the mall

August:so you just gonna take your phone out and text while im tryna talk to you

So august takes my phone and relized i was texting big sean

August: really shawty

Me: so you can fuck other bitches but i cant text other niggas suck my dick august

August: you no what fuck you bitch

Me: really aug bye

So i left out the restraunt and relized i didnt have away to get home so sat on the steps outside ihop

When august walked out he pulled me up bye my hand

Aug: I'm sorry you just make so made sometimes

Me: yeah im tired of always having to be so strong i wanna cry until i cant cry no more

We went back to august house and i laid in his bed until he came in and laid next to me

The next morning i woke up august was still laying next to me i got up to look in the mirror i looked a damn

The was a knock at the door i opened it and august was right behind me it was the girl he cheated on me with

Me: what😡

August: come in

Thot: I'm here to tell august I'm moving to la

Me: really bitch

I grabbed her bye her hair so fast it wasn't funny i fucked her up until august broke it up

Me: bitch leave

After she left we went up stairs and august had a attitude

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