Hurt hearts(august alsina)

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So i got a text message from aug telling me to call him

When i called him he asked if i would move in i immediately said yes


1 week later

Im out at lunch with my best friend rain

Rain: how august

Me: good we live together now

Our conversation ended because august was calling

I said hello but the was no answer all i heard was breathing and moaning and a women screaming august name

I told rain i had to leave

So i ran in the house i ran to our room and when i opened the door there august was cheating on me he throw the girl off him and ran after me

So i wanted to kill him but since i couldn't instead ill just use word

Your a lying cheating bastard that only cares about himself and your a pussy nigga and you acts like a bitch you think just because you a singer people put up with you shit but i guess this is what i get for dating a r&b singer i cant expect you to be singing to these ladies and them not respond

So he got mad and called me a cold hearted heartless bitch

So i smacked him he pushed me and i told him ill be back later for my stuff

He tried to grab me but i ran

August called me about 200 times and he text me 150

Its been 2 days and I'm finally going to get my stuff and I'm looking bad as hell in a gucci dress to mid thigh with my hair in a bun with red lipstick hoop earring and platform heels

When i walk in i see a light skin girl walking down the steps in front of august and all i could do was laugh

Im boxing all my stuff up and leaving for good

August walks and ask if I'm really gonna leave

I just chuckled cuz nigga cant that dumb to think I'm staying after catching him cheating

He trying to plead his case and apologize and I'm ignoring everything he says

Bye i told him

He cried a little

So you that dumb to mess up something so good typical nigga

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