Hurt hearts (august alsina)

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Yesterday i found out i was pregnant and i already told my parents xavier and rain

But i haven't to the most important person

Im gonna start hinting around with august

So walk up stairs and august is half way sleep

Me:aug can i ask you a question

Aug: yea what

Me: are you awake

Aug: now i am

Me: how you feel about kids right now

Aug: you already know i dont want kids anytime soon ask again in 5 years

Me: so what if i was pregnant

Aug: i don't know are you

Me: no you can go back to sleep now

I said trying not to cry

Stephs pov

Aug said he doesn't want kids
Im leaving Atlanta for awhile I'm not gonna bother telling him I'm pregnant so while he's sleep I'm packing my bags and when i was done i wrote him a note

Im on at the airport waiting for my plane ride to go somewhere far away because i didn't wanna ruin your career or your life by telling you I'm pregnant

Love, steph

End of pov

August pov

I woke up and Stephanie was gone and i look on her night stand and the was a note after reading i couldn't believe what it said

I need to get to the airport fast before the love of me life leave with my unborn child and i never see them again

When i got to the airport i ran inside i didn't see steph so i look around and she was going through the metl detectors i screamed her name she look at me crying i ran over to her and hugged her she said she has to leave

I got down on my knee and i told her shes the love of my life i lost her once i don't wanna lose you again i wanna grow old together and raise this baby together matter of fact Stephanie taylor will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me

Everybody screamed say yes girl say yes

Yes yea she screamed jumping in my arms

I love you
I love you to

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