Hurt hearts(august alsina)

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Me: Why do you have a attitude

aug: because you ain't have to hit her

Me: what does it matter shes just a joe hoe

Aug: you no what never mind

Me: fuck you

Aug: whatever shawty

After me and august argument i just walked and went to the mall with rain and xavier

Xavier: girl if you dont stop giving this man a hard time he gonna find another girl

Rain: yea he fucked up get over it everyman does it once

Me: so yall think i should apologized

Xavier : yea that and get some nice some nice ass lingerie and a stripper pole

Me: owl you nasty

August pov

I hope steph is ok she stormed out after we was arguing and i haven't herd from her since

Damn i love steph but i gotta treat be better cuz any man would be lucky to have her

I should apologizes to her

I dont want us to keep auguring and then it gets to the point where we can't stand each other

Im gonna tell me niggas to come over to chill smoke drink and clear my mind

End of pov

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