Hurt hearts (august alsina)

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When rain and xavier came they could tell i was upset.

Rain/xavier: whats wrong

Me: do yall remember the time august cheated on me

Rain: yes well the girl showed up at our front door and she brought a special guest

Xavier: who honey

Me: august daughter

Rain: are yall sure it his

Me: it looks just like him

Xavier: but girl theres no use of being mad because it was before the rings

Me: i guess your right

My phone starts to ring and its august

Me: hello

Aug: bae look I'm sorry i never met for any of this shit to happen if i could take it back i would

Me: look I'm not mad

Aug: yes you are i can tell by your voice but we can talk about it later

Me: I'm going out tonight

Aug: with who

Me: xavier, rain and.... Sean

Aug: Sean who

Me: big Sean

Aug: look are you fucking this nigga

Me: your must be joking right

Aug: I'm a hundred percent serious

Me: no where just friends

Aug: don't be lying

Me:i don't got time for this!!!

After my dinner date with my friends i go home and when i walk into the door august is sitting on the couch

Aug: come here

Me: what

Aug: you know i don't like that nigga Sean. I don't want you going out with him

Me: well I'm going

Aug: no your not

Me: watch me

After going upstairs and getting dressed i start walking down the steps and august comes up behind me and grabs my hand

Aug: your not going

Me: get the fuck off me so i push him

August pushes me against the wall so i slap him

And he slapped me in the face me when i get up i feel blood on my face so i run in the bathroom and looked on the mirror my nose and lip is bleeding

Aug: I'm sorry open the door

Me: no i hate you you changed so much and i hate it you turned into the devil

Aug: I'm stresses out i have so many responsibilities hanging over my head

I walk out the bathroom and my face it bruised august just looks like at me like i have to heads

Me: well you have one less responsibilities

Aug: whats that supposed to mean

Me: you'll see

I start walking our room packing me and Mia clothes

Aug: please don't do this

Me: so you just want me to act like everything is am i suppose to explain these marks to family, friends, PAPARAZZI

Aug: you deserve better😭😭

Me: and all this time i thought you was the best😭😭😥

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