Hurt hearts(august alsina)

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Its 10:00 am and i just woke up and i have 1 text messages from august

August: goodmorning beautiful im sending you this so you can wake up with a smile...i was wondering if you wanted to get breakfast and i hope this message makes your day

Me:i would love to get breakfast

August:okay whats you address

Me:3838 relly st

August:ill be there in 10

I shower and brush my teeth then I put a maxi dress on with wedges and wand curled my hair and put on make and then i hear a knock on the door

I run down the steps cuz i no its aug

When i opened the door he looked and laughed i smiled and said what

He said i look even prettier with all my clothes on

I put on a straight face the he said it was a joke so i got my purse and we left

When we walked in side nobody was there i was confused but the aug said he has them shut it down for us

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