Hurt hearts(august alsina)

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My names stephanie im 20 years old i work at club onyx i bartend on weekdays and strip on weekends me and some of the other employes are close im mixed with white and black im close with both of my parent i live in atlanta with my bestfriend rain and xavier

---------------------------------- today is saturday so I'm dancing tonight and its real busy one of my friends told me a big R&B singers here

So i go out and dance I'm doing all types of tricks and i look over and i see august alsina im trying to keep my composer

My dance is over and my boss came up to me and said someone requested a private dance and i have to do it

I go up to the room and it august i turned my head and smiled

August:i don't really want a dance i want your number.

Me:what do you mean?

August:i wanna take you out and get to know you, i like the sparkle you have in your eye you have to much potential to be doing this. I could have you on the cover of vogue it you let me.

Me:listen i don't want your little hand outs and i hear this shit every night from other niggas just like you

August laughs

August: independent i like that but just let me take you to dinner

Me:here just take my number

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