Hurt hearts(august alsina)

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Todays our wedding day and as I'm getting ready i feel like I'm gonna pass out I'm so nervous

My dads walking me down the isle and i just smile at aug

I started reading my vows

We through so much in 2 1/2 years drama, babies, arguments but look were we are were actually here getting married if you always try your best i continue this journey with you and if you promise to stay ill promise to never leave 😂😂😃😘😍

August starts reading his vows

I messed up so many times and you stayed even after your friends told you I'm no good you turned me into a man that knows how to love you turned me into husband material the reason my career is still going so strong is because i come home to you every night

I now pronounce you husband an wife


We arrive in Hawaii and a man offers to take a luggage and he kisses my had august get jealous and sucks his teeth

Me: aug you jealous or nahh

Aug: i mean yea a lil

When we get into the hotel a bunch of girls run up to august

I just keep walking

Aug: wait


Aug: are you mad


Aug: cool

And he grabs my hand and kisses me

•2 weeks later•

After we get back from our honey moon we hear a knock at the door and its the chick august cheated on me with and its a kid with her about 1 and a half

Me: yes

Ranay: is august here

Me: is there something you need

August comes downstairs

Aug: watchu need

Ranay: this is april

Aug and me: and??

Ranay: its your daughter and i need you to take her until im in a stabile place to take care of her

Aug looks at me i shake my head yes

Aug: alright but i want full custody

Ranay: alright

Me: goodbye

I walk up the stairs with A disappointed face on

Aug: look im sorry but shit happends

Me: it was a long time ago so I'm not gonna stress it but it just reminded me of the past

Aug: i love you and just know this shit is not coming between us

Me: bye😒😔

I grabbed my keys and gizelle to drop her off at my parents house

After i drop her off i call xavier And rain to tell then to come to ruby tuesday

I feel so stupid that i took august back so many times

But i love him he's my moon and sun

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