Hurt hearts(august alsina)

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While eating we stated having a serious conversation

Aug:so why do you strip

Me:its not what you think but extra cash

Aug:then what is it

Me: i only strip on weekends

Aug:do you have a boyfriend

Me: if i had a boyfriend would i be here with you😐😐

Aug: so ill take that as a no 😧

Me: do you have any kids?

Aug: o you?

Me: hell no i may strip but i don't sleep with every man that comes in that club

Aug: thats good to no you have any special talents?

Me: well i sing kinda but nothing serious

Aug: i wanna hear you some day maybe we can go to the studio

Me: i don't know if I'm that good...aug can i tell you something before we talk any longer

Aug: of course shoot ma

Me: i don't wanna be dragged along if your not gonna love me or cuz you ain't ready to love me and one of the big things i don't tolerate is being called a bitch no man should ever call a women a bitch to her face or behind her back and if you just wanna hit and quit you can be dismissed with that shit

Aug: well i guess we should stop talking right now because all I'm worrying about is hitting and quitting

Me: well bye i guess and i got up to leave the table he grabbed my hand

aug: laughing😄😄😄 im just joking shawty

Me: one more thing i dont have time for is the cheating you can miss me with that drama shit and i demand respect i deserve dates but don't think your gonna get my goodies cuz you took me to the movies

Aug: two things i love a challenge and a girl that makes a nigga wait

Our conversation got cut short because aug got a text from somebody and he said he had to answer it he was being very secretive

After he hung up he said he had to go

When the call finish he said he had to go

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