Hurt hearts(august alsina)

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2 weeks later

Me and aug has been hanging put just about every day and i cant believe I'm actually saying this but I'm starting to trust him

I just got a text from aug asking do i wanna come over his house to chill and watch movies

I said yeah

2 hours later

Me and aug is cuddling on the couch and out of no where he says lets take a pic for Instagram i agree so we take about 15 pictures and he makes an collage

I been over august house for about 4 hours and its 11:00 pm so i think i should go home i kiss august goodbye and leave

As soon as i get in the house i get a notification on my iphone that says you was tagged in a picture so i unlock my phone and check it

August tagged me in a collage of all the picture we took today and the caption says:

My life has changed for the better ever since i met you a month and a half ago, you make me laugh , you make me smile, you make me wanna do things that i would never do for a girl and i just wanna ask will you be my girl oh yeah as soon as you left my house def jam called and said they wanna sign you asap

So me being me i screenshot the collage and made a caption that said

Wow it feels like i know you forever you showed me all men is different and every time I'm with you i imagine my self kissing on your tattoos so i don't care if they hater i don't care who was your first as long as I'm your last and the answer to your question is yes ill be your girl

August pov

Damn stephanie just gave me idea for a bomb ass song it gonna be called kissing on my tattoos and i wanna finish so next time I'm in the studio i can record it and show my baby girl

I just got a notification from Instagram steph tagged me in a post

I checked it and everything she said let me know she feels the same way

I gotta call her see whats she gonna do about this record deal

Aug: so what you think about this record deal

Steph: idk because i dont have time for the drama and haters i just gotta talk to my dad about it

Aug: okay ill talk to you later

End of pov

Today i need to go visit my parents cuz my mind is just racing in circles

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