Hurt hearts (august alsina)

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Stephanie pov

I brought some nice lingerie
And a stripper pole since august friends are over that gives me enough time to put it up

After i got done putting it up it got dressed and put make up on did my hair in bed head curls

Then i texted august to tell his friends to leave because i got a surprise for him

He texted back okay

I told him come up stairs

I heard a knock at the bedroom door and i told him to come in and sit in the chair in front of the pole

I turned on body party and started dancing on the pole then i walked over to him and started grinding on his lap and his dick got hard

I whispered in his ear that I'm sorry and he said i no me to

And after the dance me and august fucked all night everywhere the kitchen to shower the living room the floor the bed

3days later

Ive been having bad stomach cramps and i throw up everything i eat I'm going to the doctors today

Ms. Stephanie taylor what brings you in today

Ive been having bad stomach cramp and i been throwing up everthing

Ms.taylor it looks like your pregnant

Omg i wonder how aug is gonna react

Im going through all of this and me and augs albums just hit number one

Omg fml

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