Drunk texting

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I stumble up to the front door of my house and unlocked the Door an walk in trying to make as little noise possible not wanting this lecture from aug

But the door squeaks and i put my finger up to my lip and shhhed it

I start walk up the steps but the lights come on

I turn around and almost had a heart attack because august was so close i could kiss him (which isnt a bad idea)

Me: August i no im late but can you grill me in the a.m im tired

Aug: fine lets go upstairs and get your drunk ass to bed

Its 2:00 in the afternoon and im finally waking up with a hangover out of the world i was so drunk i dont even remember going to sleep

I grab my phone off the night and looked at all the messages from last night

Why couldnt i of kept this to myself i dont wanna have this awkward conversation

I tiptoe down the stairs and see august and chris talking on the couch

I walk down the rest of the steps not trying to get any attention from august or chris

I walk in the kitchen and get a bottle of water and crackers
While walking out august and chris was walking in

Chris: wassup stephanie

Me: hey yellow nigga

I'm just gonna go shopping and avoid any contact with august

Me: lets go shopping

Rain: kk im dressed be over in 10

Me: make it sooner...trying to avoid august

Rain: alright 5 but i want a explanation

I walk downstairs
And walk towards the door

Aug: dont we got stuff to talk about

Me: what you talking about willis

Aug: you really crazy Steph

Me: who you telling

Aug: well just check you text messages

Me: gotta go rains waiting outside

Aug: this anit over lil shawty
Rain: why you avoiding aug

Me: girl i had a bad case of drunk texting last night

Rain: huhhh...you didnt....let me see

Me: here girl

Rain: o my these are bad

Me: and embarrassing i dont know what got into me

I guess I'm just gonna suck it up and have this conversation with him cuz this is how i really feel💔

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