Falling apart

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August mom is calling me and wonder what it is now


Augustmom: girl you need to get over here and help your man august i no I'm his momma and all but he'll listen to you

Me: and why do you think that

Augsmom:cuz all he been saying is his life is ruined and you don't love him any more he even said he doesn't deserve you

Me:😳😳 whats wrong with him

Augsmom: all he is doing is drinking smoking he called off all his concerts

Me: omg I'm sorry i never meant for any of this to happen

Augsmom: its not your fault when your in love you do crazy things just get over here and fix it before my son dies of a broken heart

Me: here i come

I walk in to august house and it a mess glass broken every where and when i look up i see him and he looks horrible

Me: bae why are you doing this to yourself

Aug: so I'm ya bae now but the other day you said fuck me

Me: august I'm just trying to help

Aug: i don't need your help your just like the rest of these hoes looking for a Nigga that would put you on and i was dumb enough to get you pregnant Mia probably aint even mine

I look over at august mom and shes shocked

Me: don't ever worry about seeing me ever again and to think i was gonna give you another chance wheres cheyenne o thats right she left because you was going downhill and me and ya momma is the only was that cared enough to help you but fuck it i hate you don't try to call me when you sober up i wont answer i wasted to many tears on you that you didn't deserve

Aug: cheyenne was a better girlfriend then you ever would be

Me: fine then have her but don't hit up my line when she leaves you you fucking ungrateful pitiful ass loony tune nigga and your never seeing Mia again either..... Make sure you get his dead beat ass some help

*2 weeks later*

I guess august is sober again and acting like nothing ever happened he been dming me on twitter and texting me he must of thought i was joking about never seeing me or my daughter again

Anyways me rain and xavier is staying in Miami for the summer and august mom is flying down to see Mia today one thing i wont do is keep Mia away from her

Somebody knocked on the door and it was august and his mom

Me: i told you not to bring his sorry ass especially since he said she's not his and he called me a hoe he known me all these years and i been loyal to him

Aug: so your gonna talk about me like I'm not here

Im just gonna ignore him for the time he is here

Rain: steph lets go on the balcony

Steph: alright come on xavier

Rain: this is gonna be so weird

August walks out

Aug: excuse me guy but can me and Stephanie talk

Them: yeah

August: look I'm sorry about what i said i didn't know what i was saying at all i was out of my mind

I just get up and walk away ignoring him and go to to my room but i guess he ain't get the hint

Aug: so your not gonna say anything


Aug: your so fucking petty steph i said that shit because i love you and i thought if i said it it would make me stop loving you but i was wrong

August kissed me and then he climbed on top of me and took my clothes of and i took his off and y'all know what happened next

*2 hours later*

Rain walks in my room

Me: what you need

Rain: do you wanna go to the mall

Me: yes girl cause niggas out here got me stressin

Aug: so you can have a full conversation about me to her but only give me one word responses

Me: 💁

Aug: and you better not spend any of my money


Rain: aug do you wanna come so you can hang with steph

Aug: yea ill come

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