Hurt hearts(august alsina)

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Yesterday was me and august big fight and right now I'm staying with Sean

Today I'm going to get my number changed so august can stop blowing my phone up and I'm going to see a lawyer to see what my options are

*Two and a half months later*

Today I'm going back home and I'm taking divorce papers to

When im driving in the gate i see a unknown car

I walk in the door i shut it softly so nobody would no i came in and i walk in the kitchen and i see august and a white girl in my kitchen kissing

Me: ummm

Aug: wow look who decided to show up

Me: i see you've been busy

Aug: 😡😡 wheres my daughter?

Me: somewhere safe.. Wheres april

Aug: at my moms house.. whatchu want

Me: so i cant be in my own house

Aug: you mean my house

Me: fuck you and this whore right here... I wonder when your gonna learn to stop fucking with these microwavable popcorn hoes

I go upstairs and place the divorce papers on his bed and then i start packing all my things because I'm staying in the guess room

i go in the guess room to take a nap but before i could go to sleep august bust in the room

Aug: what the fuck is this

Me: what do you think

Aug: I'm not signing this shit

Me: look i don't want nothing from you but even if you don't sign it were still separated if you like it or not

Aug: your a heartless bitch you no that but even if i try not to i still love you

Me: love me huh ... Got a funny way of showing it

Aug: you know i love you more than life its self

Me: sometimes love isn't a enough mr.Alsina i expect you to disappoint me some times but cheating on me and getting the hoe pregnant

As soon as august said that tears started coming down my face

Aug: im sorry you just make me so angry mrs.alsina

Me: no your right but its men like you that make women heartless and this is why i got those papers because i cant take being called a bitch and the disrespect from a man I'm giving my all to

Aug: so thats how you feel

After are that i laid in bed and cried my self to sleep

When i woke up i walk downstairs hoping august was gone but he was sitting on the couch with his friends with hell bottles of peach ciroc when i walked by them they all looked at me and august just sucked his teeth

I went outback to smoke some weed and just vent

Then i here footsteps i look up and its trey

Me: omg what do you want

Trey: well hello to you too

Me: I'm sorry I'm not tryna be rude I'm just stressing

Trey: you and my nigga aug

Me: really cuz to me he acts care free

Trey: you may think but your the only person he talks about when your not around he shows his love for you even if your not there

Me: did he coach you to say this

Trey: no

As we was talking aug was calling him

Aug:trey where you

Trey: right here

Aug : what you doing out here with my wife

Trey: just talking

Aug: don't try no slick shit we may be goin through it but i still love that girl

When he said that he winked at me

Me: thanks trey

Aug: you go head in I'm stayin out here for a few minutes

Trey: uh o the power couples about to be back on top

Aug: look I'm sorry for everything i put you through i feel like a fucking asshole

Me: me i no you are but you cant always think an apology is gonna fix everything

Aug: why do you always do that

Me: what

Aug: every time a apologize you act like its not good enough

Me: im sorry im just stressed out okay

Aug: your not the only one

Me: I'm sorry to but its just in the hospital when i had Mia i was so happy to be able to give you you first child but then out of no where another female comes with a baby and takes my joy

Aug: so this is what this is about...

August came and sits on my beach chair and i put my head on his chest

Me: lets start over

Aug: gladly

I let aug go back into his friends and i went to go put on my bathing suit for the hot tube i walk downstairs and every bodies looking at me

Me: what

Everybody: i didn't know you was packing all that

Aug: aye y'all stop fuckin playin with me matter fact get the fuck out

After they leave august hugs me and whispers in my ear you no i love you but i do dumb shit and every time i do it i think about how you never left my side i don't no what i would do if you ever left me because of a mistake i made

Me: ill never leave you even if i wanna sometime

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