Love rebuilt

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Aaron is 4 months now

Me and august really been hanging out more then ever and i can honestly say i still love him

But were taking things slow were not intimate yet its kind of like a new relationship

Its 7'o clock in the am and august is still sleep

So i got my eyeliner and wrote my name on his forehead

His phone starts ringing i didn't wanna wake him so i answered it

Me: hello

Karen: this is Karen is august there

Me: he's sleeping but do you wanna leave a message

Karen: no ill just call back later

I don't know anybody named Karen

*Augs pov*

Its 9:00 a clock in the morning

Im brushing my teeth and i look in the mirror why the fuck is there writing on my forehead

Im leaving this shit on here to cuz Stephanie immature ass is gonna get it off

Aug: Stephanie where tf you at?

Steph: kitchen

Aug: do you know who wrote on my face

Steph: probably Karen

Y'all I'm not cheating Karen is a jeweler thats making Stephanie's new engagement ring

Im gonna propose AGAIN at our cook out this Saturday

Aug: come on you getting this shit off

Steph: cant you do it

Aug: nah i want ya big booty ass to do it

Steph: come on

*Aug pov end*

Me and august is in the bathroom sitting on the counter

Me: aug are you cheating on me with "Karen"

Aug: nah bae it ain't even like that this time you gotta believe me

Steph: i do

I could tell he was being honest because we been thru this so many times before i just dont know who she is

Aug: now come give me kiss

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