Confussed future

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I dont no where i wanna take this relationship with august

I feel like he always takes me for granted sometimes and never gives me my props for being a good mother or a good wife especially a good support system

Tonight im going out with xavier and rain i need to party

As im getting ready i see aug steering at me crazy

Me:what?? 😡

Aug: where you going dressed like you aint somebodies wife and momma

Me: nigga im going to look for my 2nd husband

Aug: yea ard...steph where tf you going

Me: out with xavier and rain

Aug: cant you stay with me

Me: baby ill be back before you no it. Its 10:00 ill be back at 1:00

Aug: 1 on the dot and a nigga got a watch so dont be late

Me: ok father please dont ground me

Aug: you wanna play, ill make ya ass wear a shirt with my face on it

Me: your really out doing yourself tonight who are you my probation officer want a pee test too like nigga chill out damn

Aug: so you got jokes

Me: barely I'm just a innocent bystander thats legally blind....bye august hold it down

Im tryna have fun but i just keep thinking about me and august situation were legally married, 2 kids and living together but arent together

Im so drunk i pull my phone out and start texting august

Me: i need to know what we are i cant keep playing these games im 26 years old if your not the one i need to move on cuz if i dont get it right with you ill eventually get it right with somebody else but i cant if im stuck with you

Aug: man you talking bullshit we'll talk about this later

Me: see later i dont have time for later i cant keep waiting for later your holding me back with this later shit

Aug: your drunk so im not doing this shit with you over text ill see you at 1:00 cuz im at the studio

Me: or are you with karen im tired of this bullshit august its been so many other women when are you really gonna realize im the one thats truly down for you cant you tell already

Aug: im not fucking shawty i already told you. Im not even gonna trip over these messages cuz i no how you are while drinking so i love you see you at home

Me: whatever ill see you then

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