Hurt hearts(august alsina)

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Today I'm visiting my parents to talk about my problem

Dad: hey baby so what is i hear about a record deal

Me: yeah my boyfriend gave them a cd of me singing


Me: dad my BOYFRIEND im 20 years old i need to live life like a 20 year old

Dad: look at you sounding like a grown women!! How long have y'all been dating?

Me: about 2 1/2 months but there's something you should know 😶😔

Dad: what?

Me: ummm he a R&B singer

Dad:oh really whats his name?

Me: august alsina

Dad: o yea he's a real nigga
I like his music

Me: so your not mad

Dad: was i mad when i found out you was a stripper


Dad: exactly idc if you was a bum I'm gonna love you either way

Me: dad so what should i do about this record deal

Dad: go for it you can benefit from it and other people may be able to

Me: okay dad i made up my mind ttyl

Stephanie pov

I think im going to sign the contract with def jam

So as soon as i started thinking about my boo august he texted me

Thehubbyaug: he babe lets get on facetime


So five minutes later me and august gets on FaceTime and he asked bout what was my decision i told him im goin throught with it he was so happy

August: so you no what this means right

Me: no what

August: you gotta quit you job

Me: why is this the first thing you bring up

August: because i dnt like those other men looking at you

Me: well i guess you'll be happy to hear i already quit

Me and august end our FaceTime session

And im going to bed
Because and all the girls from the club is going to lunch

It 11:00 am and i did my hygiene and the i get dressed in high waist jeans with cuts and a crop top that says flawless with hoop earring that says rich and a spike necklace and pointy red bottoms

So i leave and my cars in the shop so i asked aug to drop me off but when we got there i asked him to stay so he did

I hug all my girls but they ain't worried about me as much as they're august

So they start asking us so many questions about us mostly after the lunch me and aug went to his house we cuddled and it turned in to sex

First we was kissing then he went down to my belly button the he pulled me pants down and he ate me out until i couldn't take it anymore "aug im cummin"

Then i gave him crazy head and he was shocked that i was so good

After the head he entered me and went ham then i flipped him on his back and i rode him like a pornstar maybe better then we both got in the shower and went for round 2

The next day me and aug has to go to def jam for my contract and his album details i woke up at 8 and i look over and aug wasn't next to me but i smelled for i went down stairs and there was all this food and I'm just thinking I'm so lucky

August: watchuu looking at?

Me: i was just thinkin how blessed i am

August: i could say the sme thing

Its now 10:00 am and we gotta be at def jam at 11
So we do our hygiene and i pulled the clothes from my bag cuz some how i knew i would be spending the night i pulled out a dress that goes to my mid thigh and gold jimmy choos

Aug put on a snapback on that said dope tru jeans and timberlands

So august just found out he's going on tour in 2 months and as of now I'm signed to def jam and will be working on my album

After the meeting august told me he had something to do

So i went home

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