Moving on

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Me and Mia is going on vacation for a couple of months to get away from everything

I haven't talk to august in months which I'm fine with i have rain drop Mia off at august house i heard he has a girlfriend named diamond

Im 3 1/2 months pregnant and I'm sure its august baby i didn't tell anybody yet today were having a little party over my my moms house

After arriving at my moms

Mom: steph can i talk to you

Me: here i come mama

Mom: your pregnant

Me: your crazy

Mom: don't lie i see your baby bump is showing and your glowing

Me: alright alright i am but keep it a secret blabber mouth

Mom: i will i promise

Me: i gotta go everybody our plane takes off in an hour

Everybody: were gonna miss you

Me: 😢😍😘

*in Hawaii*

Me and august always wanted to come here but instead i came with my baby and my unborn baby

Me: excuse me miss can you take me and my daughter picture

???: omg your Stephanie august ex wife

Me: yup who are you

????: I'm diamond his girlfriend

Me: o thats great it was nice meeting you....come on Mia

*Aug pov*

Man i miss Stephanie and Mia

Diamond: i just seen you ex wife and daughter walking and she got fat

Me: you sure

Diamond: go on Instagram she had me take a picture

I go on Instagram and i see a picture Stephanie posted 20 minutes ago

Just arrives in Hawaii with my baby is what the caption said and all her comment was questions asking if she was pregnant

Ill find out soon for myself

*End of pov*

Me and Mia is walking on the beach and we see august and diamond walking the opposite direction

Mia: their goes daddy momma

Me: i no baby just keep walking

Mia: Okay mommy... HI DADDY

Me: really Mia

Aug: hey Mia i was just bout to call you i missed you so much

Mia: yeah me and mommy need a vacay from you bs


Aug: hey steph how you been

Me: hey

Aug: can we talk steph

Me: actually me and Mia need to get going I'm hungry and i no she is

Aug: i guess i can wait

Me: bye... Come on Mia

Aug: call me if y'all need anything. I love you Mia

Mia: love you to

Seeing august really made me realize how much i miss him

My heart just needs to heal Before i can even think about getting into another relationship

*Diamond pov*

I don't like Stephanie and i will do whatever it takes to keep her away from my man

I want a kid bye august so bad but he always uses condoms

Im not gonna make him have a kid with me I'm not that desperate.

Ill make sure i keep a eye on Stephanie she already has one up on me

*End of pov*

today me and Mia is going to the carnival

When were getting ready i hear a knock at the door

Me: yes... O its you

Aug: man whatever we need to talk

Me: aboouttt???

Aug: are you pregnant

Me: fuck no and if i was it aint none of your business

Aug: i just wanted to know cause we did you know

Me: well I'm not see you later me and my daughter has somewhere to go

Aug: our daughter

Me:so now you decided she yours

Aug: i always knew she was mines she looks exactly like me

Me: good to know.. Well see you when i see you

Aug: that will be real soon... Can i feel your stomach

Me: what?? Why???

Aug: you gained a little weight

Me: I'm not pregnant i havent had sex in about 6 months

I was being smart cause i know me and august did like 4 months

Aug: actually 4

Me: no really about 6... Bye

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