Playa playa

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At the mall as we was walking around a tall light-skin with pretty eyes bumps into me

Me: I'm so sorry

Issa:no it was my fault im sorry beautiful

Me: thank you

Issa: whats your name

Me: stephanie hbu

Issa: im issa a rapper from atl can i have your number

Me: yeah put your in my phone and ill put mines in your phone

Issa: it was nice meeting you

*day after*

August has a attitude for some reason when we see each other in the house he just looks at me and walks away

Me and issa been texting every time were texting august sucks his teeth

Mia: mommy can you and daddy take me to the park

One think i will not do is let this shit effect my baby girl and i hope august knows that

August: yes put y'all shoes on

As were getting in the car august slams the car door

Me: wow

Aug: what you say

Me: I'm not arguing in front of her okay it can wait till later

As we arrive at the park my phone start odeing on notifications from twitter

Augustalsina: that moment when you find out your wife is a hoe

Im not gonna lie i cried i just wanted to be alone so i went and sat in the car he has a his fan coming at me

So i tweeted

Omighty_steph: the moment you find out you husband got engaged while telling you he missed his family. When you find out he's the biggest asshole on the planet and he's super ungrateful even after everything you do for them

Omighty_steph: how can i man disrespect someone that gave him his child o well thats what i get for getting married at 22 right

Officialaugustalsina: i wish i never got married

So i got out the car and thru the ring at august and started walking

When i got home it was 11:00pm i was the beach

When i walked in the door august was sitting on the counch with his hands in his palms

Aug: where was you at

I go to my room and just cry until someone knocked

Me: who is it

Aug: its me august

Me: go away i get it you wish you never married me or got me pregnant you can leave me alone now

Aug: i didn't mean any of the

Me: apology after apology but it happens again and again I'm tired of it

Aug: i no me to baby can we stop playing games its obvious we still love each other

Me: why so i can get hurt again

Aug: your so stubborn

Me:😃😊 i learned from you

Aug: i love you so much it


Me: hold on my phones ringing... Hey Issa how are you... I cant I'm busy today (i smiled at august).... Alright bye

Aug: busy with what

Me: you silly

August leaned over and kissed me on the outside was calm but on the inside my stomach was going crazy

Aug: lets go on a date

Me: lol

Aug: no I'm serious like a real date


Aug: right now

Me: lets go

I did my hygiene and put on my freakum dress and flats

We arrive at a restraunt and its fancy fancy

Aug: i love you and i wanna make this work

Me: I'm sorry but I'm not getting into these games with you again you called me a hoe on the internet for everybody to see

Aug: so your just gonna reject me

Me: its not like that but I'm hurt ill forgive you eventually but not today

Aug: man fuck you i don't want you forgiveness i don't know why I'm even wasting my time on you

Me: I'm going to the bathroom

As soon as i got up from the table tears just filled my eyes because the man i gave my all to and done everything for him that i possibly could keeps breaking my heart

I was looking for my phone and i noticed i left it at the table

When i walked to the table aug looked super mad

Aug: while I'm here trying to work things out you texting that nigga issa

Me: im not gonna argue with you im all out of things to say

Aug: your wack you no that

Me: and your a fucking mistake and i loved you but everyday you make me regret it... only good thing that came out of this relationship it Mia when we first got together i told myself not to trust you but i gave you the benefit of the doubt and fell in love and i just wanna fall back out.... O yeah you should know cheyenne slept with rains brother when y'all was "engaged" sorry for keeping the secret

Aug: where is the old Stephanie at the one i used to love you changed you was so good but now you a spoiled rotten bitch

Me: you made me this way bye august have a nice life 😘

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