We not together. Remember??

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There was so much shit I wanted to say to her during this car ride home but I decided against it cause I know her temper and I know my temper and the last thing we need is for a car accident to happen.

What was irritating my soul was that she put headphones in even though the radio was on. Like deadass? Who does some shit like that I thought to myself.  When we came to a red light I texted my mom and asked her to keep Kairi for the weekend.

We pulled up too the house. She got out the car before I could fully stop and slammed the door.

I swear if I didn't give her a key already I would make her ass stand out here for being so damn petty

I walked in the house and she was no where to be found.

Daya get the fuck down here. Now!!!. I yelled

Suddenly I got a text from Daya

Daya Bae ❤️: Just a friendly reminder that you are not my father and stop all that damn yelling

I see this girl think somebody playing with her. I walked up the stairs and walked in her room slamming the door behind me. She was just walking out her bathroom in bra and panties

"Wtf Dave can I get dress"

Man fuck your clothes. I threw her shorts and shirt she was gonna put on across the room

"Nigga what's the fucking problem" she went to pick up the clothes

I walked over to her snatching them and throwing them once again. She looked so fucking good standing there all mad in her bra and panties. I pulled her to me and kissed her just like earlier but this time she didn't kiss me back

Kiss me back Daya. I whispered against her lips

She pulled away from me "Dave I wasn't joking earlier when I told you that would be the last kiss you ever get from me. You will not have me out here looking stupid"

I was just getting madder at this point.
That bullshit Daya! she flinched a lil at my harsh voice

If anything you made yourself look stupid. Did you really think I wanted your young ass?? You thought I was gonna stop fucking with Simone all because we flirted and kissed a couple times?? You did this to yourself so don't blame me.

"Dave you continuing to fuck her only makes you a bigger fucking bozo. Damn you too smart to play dumb. And when that girl empties your bank account ima laugh at your stupid ass"

Watch your fucking mouth Zendaya. You only acting out cause you realized I don't want your suicidal ass!! I was just trying to make you feel better about yourself. You took it upon yourself to get attached

"David Fuck you"

Yo from now on just do your fucking job don't say shit to me unless it's work related

"Dave what you fail to realize is I won't be saying shit too you at all. I quit"

I stopped pacing and froze in place. I glared at her. Wtf you mean you quit

"I meant what I fucking said" she grabbed her duffel and the stuff she originally came with, she slipped on her uggs and walked out leaving me standing there looking stupid

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