Jumping To Conclusions

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I walked into the venue for the show and went backstage to find chris. When I opened the door I heard him promising someone he'll be back after the show. For some reason I just knew that was Zen on the other side. He hung up the phone when he turned around and seen me

"Bro wassup" he dapped me up

Yo I thought you were coming by. What happen?

"Something came up Bro" he looked down at his phone as a text came through and chuckled

So we really about to go down this rode again chris?

He stopped typing and looked up confused. "What"

With Zen? We really about to do this again?

"Nigga what the fuck are you rambling about"

What came up?

"Why you questioning me like you and I fucking"

So you wasn't gonna tell me that Zendaya was the something that came up?

"How you even know that"

I went to her store cause I needed to talk to her but I never went in since you guys looked all cozy

"Should've came in" he shrugged

I know y'all not back together?

I think you  should talk to Zen

"Nahh I'm asking you man to man"

Now I could tell him the truth but I rather play this out. The truth is while I was with Zen she confided in me about possibly being pregnant. But since this nigga wanna come in here like Sherlock Holmes. Ima fuck with his head

"Nigga I know you ain't just zone out"

My bad. Me and Zen just got close again, we've been talking  and being verrrryyy good friends to each other. I smirked

"What you mean close nigga? What happened to never crossing that line again. You deadass foul"

Nigga I'm foul?? You foul!!! What happened to all that shit you promised her. Especially about not hurting her again. You the foul one nigga

"Deadass this is me politely asking you too fall back"

Like I said you need to be having this conversation with her not me

"I'm not gonna ask again bro" he walked out

"I know that nigga think y'all together why you ain't tell him the truth " Red came out the bathroom

"I know that nigga think y'all together why you ain't tell him the truth " Red came out the bathroom

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