Thats Funny???

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It's been three weeks and Dave has barely spoken to me unless absolutely necessary. I was sitting on the couch just listening to music when my headphones was pulled out my ear

What the fuck

"Watch your mouth" I rolled my eyes as chris cane into my view. I don't understand why your here right now

He scrunched his face up and laughed. "Nigga what you mean you don't understand you asked me too come here"

Yeah and I asked you too also bring Kamiya

"Now you know damn well I ain't bringing her ass in Dave house. They don't like each other"

Fuck Dave. I rolled my eyes

"Ahhh now we're getting to why I'm really here. What's wrong"

Can you talk to him??? Ever since I ask him to let BoBo live he has been giving me the cold shoulder

"I'm sure you're exaggerating. Don't be dramatic"

Dave walked into the house and set some bags on the floor. "Wassup bro" he dapped him up. Then he looked at me "Hey Zen" he said dryly

I looked at chris and he shrugged. How was your day babe??

"It was cool. Look I'm really tired ima go lay down" he walked upstairs and I heard the door close

You see what I mean??? I didn't think it would be this deep just cause I didn't agree with killing BoBo. Shit if I knew it was gonna come between us I would've killed him myself. I looked down

"Look just go up there and talk to him alright, I gotta head to the studio just text me and let me know what happens" he hugged me and left

Since Dave wanted to acted funny I'm about to push his buttons. I went upstairs and walked straight to the closet. While I was looking through clothes I could feel Dave staring at me

"Umm you going somewhere??"


"Where are you going"


"Stop playing with me Zen where you going and with who"

I already said I'm going out and I have a dinner date with Devan its business tho

"You not going so you might as well put that shit back and go pop a squat"

I grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom. Soon as the door closed it opened right back up

"First of all who tf is Devan and why you still got these clothes in your hands you not going"

I sucked My teeth. Dave please get out the bathroom I'm going out

We made eye contact through the mirror "I see you think somebody playing with you Zen. There is no I in this relationship you must mean WE going out I don't know where the fuck you thought you was going especially with a nigga. Matter fact let me get dress" he was spazzing

I started laughing and he glared at me through the mirror. "See Zen you always wanna play your ass was about to get handcuffed to the bed talking about you going out with some nigga"

Dave who gonna want my pregnant ass look how big I am. I laughed

"I want your pregnant ass. Always and forever " he wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my neck

You haven't been acting like it lately

"I know and I'm sorry I was being childish about the BoBo situation "

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