Let the Drama begin 🙄

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Dave POV
Who are they daya please stop crying Ma I said while hugging her and rubbing her back

"That's my mom and the man is Dre the person she almost let rape me a couple months ago"


"Dave I've never had sex and I wasn't gonna let him take something so precious from me. Anyway yes almost, he cornered me in the kitchen of my house and he started to touch on me i asked him to stop but he wouldn't he told me if I behaved he would give my mom everything she wanted I didn't care about that I reached for a knife and stabbed him in his side. My mom came out from hiding when he screamed and she told me that I was selfish cause I wouldn't do this one thing for her" she whispered so no one would hear but us

I don't know why but my body temperature raised and I was ready to fight. So he likes raping people ima fuck this nigga up

I stormed into VS
Soon as I was about to get close to them I felt a pull on my arm

"Please don't Dave"

Daya there is no discussion about this! Why you tryna save that nigga

"Dave if you fight and the cops have to get involved then I lose you and I have no one besides you right now. You promised me you wouldn't abandon me Dave and more importantly Kairi would lose you" she said with tears building back up in her eyes

I put my hands on both sides of her face. Baby girl I'm not going no where you not losing me neither is Kairi

As much as I wanna kill him for what he did to you I won't but only beca-

"I was wondering when I'll see this little bitch again" someone said

We turned around and was face to face Daya mother and that bitch made nigga 😡

"Hello Karen" Daya said

"Karen that's how you address me? I'm still your mother" she said

"You stopped being my mother when you started putting your hands on me and letting bitch ass niggas like him try to get their way with me" daya said while glaring at her mother and pointing at Dre

Then this nigga had the balls to step in Daya face

Deadass son you might wanna take a few steps back if you know what's good for you. I said pulling daya behind me

"Nigga do you know who I am" he asked

By this time everyone was looking at us

Nahh nigga the real question is do you know who I am

"I see you had to find a older guy to fuck just so you can find someone to love your stupid ass, when he leaves you don't come back home" her mother said

"You mean the way dad left you" Daya said

Her mom stepped in her face
Which caused me to step between them

"You'll need me" Karen said glaring at Daya

Nahh you loose pussy bitch she ain't ever gonna need to come back there and she'll never need you again. I got her

"I don't think she was talking to you" Dre said

I looked around trying to figure out who he was talking to

Yo deadass !!! I'm tired of this nigga shit I said while dropping our bags

Daya stepped in front of me
" you promised" she said touching my arm

Soon as she touched me I relax. Iight Ma I'll chill I said looking down at her

"Better listen to your bitch cause this ain't what you want" Dre said

Watch your mouth when it comes to her you fucking bitch made nigga

"I'm a bitch made nigga that almost had my way with your bitch tho" Dre said
I lost it
I jumped in front of daya and punch him in his jaw
Once he fell I grabbed me and daya stuff and we started to leave

"I know you don't think this is over" he yelled
I felt Daya push me out the way and the next thing I knew she was on the floor

I know this nigga didn't . I turned around and charged him punch after punch landed on his face I started to see blood

"Dave stop I'm okay" Daya yelled
But there was no stopping me

"Dave I can't lose you!" I heard her scream with sadness and panic in her voice

That caused me to stop

I'm sorry daya come on let's go I said as we grabbed our things

"This won't be the last time you and that bitch see us" Karen screamed

We walked out without saying another word to them.

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