Chrome to Your Dome

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Just for the people wondering
Chrome to your dome = gun to your head

(BoBo in MM)


I made it to dave house and used my key to let myself in. Based on how quiet it was I knew Dave was still sleep. I walked upstairs and knocked on his room door. I knocked and there was no answer after the third time knocking I let myself in

There were bottles of liquor everywhere. I heard the showering running but dave was still in bed

I shook dave but he didn't move at all. I started to get worried. Dave please wake up!!!I screamed and shook him

I took my phone out and called 911. Just as I'm hanging up Simone comes walking out the bathroom and my blood starts to boil

"Stop yelling he's fine"

Bitch did you even bother checking on him when you woke up!

She walked over to him " no cause he's okay, dave wake up your babysitter is here she shook him"

There was still no movement

"I swear I thought he was fine"

Bitch get away from him! I pushed her away

"I'm outta here I wants no part of this"

I grabbed her by her shirt.bitch you better pray he okay cause if he isn't I will kill you personally. Now leave! I let her go and she walked out

A seen flashing lights and went to let the ambulance in. I directed them to dave and they rushed up the stairs soon bringing him back down on the stretcher

I took the keys too Dave Range Rover and followed behind the ambulance.

They doctors asked me to wait in the waiting room. While I was waiting I called BoBo and his mom. His mom was in jersey with Kairi and would be back as soon as possible and BoBo said he was on his way

20 mins later BoBo bust through the door

"Zen Zen What happened"

I'm not sure yet BoBo. I went to the house and when I went to his room to wake him up he wouldn't budge no matter how much I shook him or screamed and the Simone comes out his bathroom swearing he was okay. She tried to wake him up but couldn't

"Family of David Brewster "

Me and BoBo turned around to look at the doctor

"I'm sorry but-"

But what!!!

"David overdosed we were able to pump his stomach and he woke up for a little but he slipped into a coma, however we don't think it'll be a long wait before he wakes up but we can't be too sure. you guys can se him if you want"

"Daya I gotta go"

What??? BoBo where are you going!!!

"Daya I have to go to dave house something is wrong, Dave doesn't do Drugs and the fact that Simone was there doesn't sit well with me, I need to look around his crib. I'll be back" he hugged me tight

Bo I can't go in there alone. I hugged him not letting go

"Zen please" He pleaded
"I'll be back but he needs you okay"

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