Who are you??

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I woke up to my mom, Kairi and some random girl standing around the room. I cleared my throat and they all turned their heads in my direction.

"Baby boy"

They all ran over and hugged me.
Guys as much as I appreciate the love I can't breathe if you guys don't get off of me

I looked at the girl weirdly.

"David why are you looking at me like that"

Who are you?

"What do you mean"

Do I know you??

"David this isn't funny"

I'm sorry I really don't know you

"Dada that's Zen Zen"

"She's your assistant and Kairi babysitter, and maybe something more at one point" mama said

Mom I have never seen her before I swear!

"David she lives with you" my mother said

Suddenly the girl named zen grabbed her phone off the table and walked outside the room. I could hear her talking to someone and crying telling them that I don't remember her

A couple mins later she came back in the room with my god brother BoBo

"Bro when did you wake up"

A couple mins ago

"Are you happy to see everyone here that loves you"

I glanced in the corner of the room to see that girl looking down at the floor
Yo BoBo where's Simone

"I know you not really asking for her, she trouble bro and it's some shit you need to know about her but not today"

BoBo can you tell me who this girl is I honestly don't know her

"Man you love that girl you just don't know it yet"

How can I love someone I barely know! I shouted
She could be some crazy fan for all I know. Why you guys got random ass broads by my bedside

"Boy watch your mouth!" My mother said

"It's okay mama East ima just go"

I watched her pack up her stuff  and get ready to walk out the door. She had tears in her eyes that she was tryna keep from falling

She opened the door to leave

Chill Zendaya!!! I'm fucking with you I was joking I'm sorry

Everyone in the room glared at me. Even Kairi, mama smacked me and BoBo just shook his head

Man don't look at me like that. She the reason I'm in here! She so selfish and ungrateful. She asked me not to abandon her and I didn't! But she so quick to turn her back on me cause I fucked up a couple times??

"A couple times??  Try all the time. Dave I was doing nothing but fighting for you! I wanted you!! But obviously I wasn't good enough"

Sorry Suicidal girls aren't really my type, neither are girls that hop from one celebrity to the next. You chose chris, remember??

"I didn't pick anyone, the constant hurt and disrespect from you drove me to chris"

Well none of that matters cause I want nothing to do with you

"My stuff will be gone by time you get home"

She walked out the door. Soon as she left everyone jumped down my throat

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