Feelings ❤️

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I sat with my back leaned on Dave's body while Kairi sat in my lap leaned against my knees . We were watching Mona. It's been a week sense the incident with Chris happened and I think it's safe too say dave has forgotten about it.

Dave started playing in my hair and I looked up at him

" what's on your mind"

Nothing I just like us being on good terms. I leaned my head back against his chest. He kissed my forehead

"Me too baby girl"

Dave I um

"You What Ma"

I think we should order tacos. What you think Kairi??

"Tacosssssss" Kairi screamed

"Im sure that's not what you were gonna say" he smirked "but I'll let it slide this time "

See the thing is I've been wanting to tell Dave how u feel but between what happened with me and Chris and all me and Dave fights in the past. I keep stopping myself from telling him

Maybe it's just not meant too be


I know she loves me I just don't understand why she won't tell me. Maybe it's still the age thing.
While she was ordering the food I decided to ask her about her birthday

What do you wanna do for your birthday Zen?

"I honestly forgot my birthday was in a couple days. I don't wanna do anything tho. I'm fine with just having a day off and not having to deal with your crazy schedule." She chuckled

Very funny. I laughed
But seriously Daya it's gonna be your 18th birthday you must wanna do something special

"I really don't"

Well I'm at least taking you too dinner

"Fine dinner and nothing else"


After we finished eating we put Kairi to bed and went back in my room to finish watching movies I laid down and Daya laid right on top of me putting her face in the crook of my neck

Why you always do that big head

"Cause dave you so comfortable and it feels good when you hold me"

Aww don't get all mushy on me now. Where my savage Daya at?

She hit my chest and started laughing

"Ima always be savage"

Daya you never told me what you said when chris asked you did you love me. I felt her body stiffen and her Breath hitched

She looked up at me "I told him I didn't love you"

It was at that moment I think my heart stopped. Oh I said looking away from her

She grabbed my face and made me look at her. "Why are you asking me this Dave"

Cause I thought you did love me

"Can I just ask what gave you that idea"

Daya when I was in the coma I could hear everything that was going on I just couldn't react. I looked down at her and seen how nervous she looked

"So what exactly did you hear"

Daya you told me you love me

"Dave I never said that"

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