Wait What 🤔

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It's been almost a month since I walked away from Dave. He still calls me everyday but I refuse to speak to him. He mentions me in his interview and on stage but I won't give in. I love him but I know I deserve better. The only thing that's hurting me is not seeing Kairi as often. I decided to call Mama East to see if she would have Kairi today. She told me she did so I told her I would be there soon

I got dress and rode over to Mama East house. When I rung the bell Kairi opened the door and jump on me when she realized it was me


Hearing her say that kind of broke my heart cause I promised her we would always be together

"Are you here to take me home"

No Munchkin I won't be coming home with you?

"Why mommy"

I looked over at Mama East and she shrugged her shoulders. It's just that me and daddy don't like to play together anymore

"But you can play with me"

I'll play with you when you're at grandma house okay?

"Watch your mouth young lady" Mama East glared

What I say???

" I done told you about that grandma thing. I'm still young"

I laughed and threw my hands up in surrender

"So have you heard from David"

I sighed I knew I couldn't avoid this conversation. No I have spoken to him. He calls but I'm just not ready

"I can respect that but you should know he's not seeing anyone all he talks about is trying to get you back"

Mama I just can't run back to him it'll just show how weak I am when it comes to him

"Nobody is saying you have to run. Just walk"

I love him I really do with all my heart but I -

"I love you too Zen"

I turned around to see Dave walking through the door and I turned back to Mama East

"I swear I didn't know he would be back this soon"

It's okay Ma thank you for letting me see Kairi. I hugged her and then hugged and kissed Kairi and promised I would come see here whenever she's here.

Bye David. I said without looking at him

"Zen please talk to me" he grabbed my arm

Talk to you about what? How heart broken I still am

"I messed up but I wanna fix this please let me fix us. You're my life baby"

I can't do-

I was stopped mid sentence by the urge to throw up. I ran to the bathroom and puked my guts up. I felt dave holding my hair up

"Are you okay? What did you eat"

I haven't really ate anything today. I had a veggie burger

"Sounds nasty"

Shutup dave. I grabbed a spare toothbrush and I brushed my teeth.

"Let me take you home"

I'm fine I don't need your help

"You just don't want me too know where you live"

No I just don't wanna be bothered with you David. Why can't you get that

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