Thought I was gonna let go??

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NOOOOO!!!!! 😳😳😳

I grabbed her wrist just in time. I only had one of her arms and I could feel her slipping from my grip slowly. I could try to pull her up but she kept squirming.

I slowly began to feel my body being pulled over the rail. (Listen I wanna save her and all but what I'm not about to do is die with her)

Ma please stop squirming and let me pull you up.

"Just let me go mister I don't even know you"

Listen ima tell you one last time you are not dying on me tonight so put on your big girl panties suck it up and let me pull you back over

"I don't deserve to be on this earth I'm worthless and unloved"

Everyone deserves too live and someone as beautiful as you should bless the world with your face on a daily basis

"I'm fine dying"


She squirmed again and I felt my body get pulled over the rail even more. Just as she was about to slipped from my grip BoBo useless ass finally decided to jump out the car and help me pull her up.

We got her over the rail and I set her on her feet. Soon as she got a good look at my face she blacked out

I carried her bridal style to my car and laid her in the back seat. I looked down at her and I must admit she was gorgeous, tear stained face and all

"What are we gonna do with her" BoBo said

She's coming with us to my house

"Don't you think she needs a hospital "

I'm not leaving her BoBo!! I think she just needs sleep and food if she wakes up and doesn't feel well ill get a doctor to come to the house but I will not leave her alone in a hospital. She made it clear she doesn't have Anyone.

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