A Day With Dave

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Zendaya Pov
I woke up to the Continuous loud sound of knocking. Since this has been going on for about five mins I assume that means that Dave isn't gonna wake up and get the door



I rolled over to see Kairi next to me. When did you get in here ?

"Dada put me in here I kept asking for you"

Aww well let's see whose at the door baby girl and then I'll make you some breakfast. I picked Kairi up and we walked downstairs. When I opened the door Mama East stood there

Good morning Mama East

"Good morning daya baby and good morning to grandmas baby" she said kissing Kairi
"Where's dave?

I guess he's still sleeping. If you want I can wake him up. I handed Kairi too her

"No baby that okay I only came to pick up Kairi since Dave has a photo shoot and I would also like too talk to you"

I must have looked nervous because she quickly assured me it was nothing bad

"How do you feel about my son"

Honestly? I think he's a really good guy I'm so thankful for him saving me that night. I paused not knowing if she knew. She nodded her head letting me know that she did

"I hope it's okay that he let me know"

It's okay Mama East I don't mind. But like I was saying I'm thankful for him and I'm thankful for him not treating me like a charity case and actually defending me when someone tries to belittle me. He's able to make me laugh which is something I haven't done in a long time

"So do you have feelings for my son"

In all honesty I don't know him to well I know Dave East the artist but I don't really know David Brewster. I think he is an amazing guy for taking someone in that he barely knows and I would love to get to know David and I plan too but as for having feelings for him I'm underag-

"Not for long" she cut me off

I giggled. But right now I am underage and I wouldn't want anything to happen that could get him in trouble and I honestly don't think he sees me on that level I feel like maybe he sees me as a lil sister or possibly someone that can eventually be his best friend

"Daya baby you have to pay attention to the way dave looks at you. Sweetie if you could hear how he talks about you I'm sure you would think otherwise"

I don't know Mama East.

I'm not convinced Dave sees me as more than a friend/assistant and even if he did I just don't know him well enough

"Get too know him. I don't think you'll regret it. Can you be a dear and get Kairi ready for me I know you have a busy day ahead of you for your first day as his assistant "

Of course I'll get her ready. Come on munchkin I'll race you. She took off running.
Heyy That's cheating!! she just laughed and kept running.

Once me and Kairi got upstairs I bathe her and got her dress. Sorry I couldn't make you breakfast baby girl how about we make our own pizza tonight??

"Yessss" she jumps up and down

Okay cutie let's go say bye to Dada. We knocked on his door and got no answer so Kairi just walked in. I picked her up and she crawled on the bed and kissed his cheek

"Bye Dada"
"Bye baby girl"he replied

Dave be out this bed when I get back. you have to start getting ready for your busy day. He mumbled a yeah yeah as I walked out with Kairi in my arms.

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