The Mistake

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I sat in my room and listened to all the horrible things my mother had to say about me.

"I hate you"
"No one will ever love you"
"I should've aborted you"
"You're the reason your father left"
"You're a basic dumb broad that will never amount too anything"

The last two things she said really hurt my heart. Even though I was 1000% sure my father left because she decided to be community pussy 🤔 and as for being dumb I was far from it and she knew it.

I sat there like her words didn't phase me and that only fueled the fire in her she stood in front of me and with every word her spit hit my face. She then smacked me. I couldn't take it anymore.

I elbowed her right in her throat! "Now what Bitch"
"Sorry I can't hear you?!! Have trouble breathing?" I said

While she was down I took the opportunity to start packing a bag, I didn't know where I would go but I couldn't be right now.

When I turned around she was finally getting air back in her lungs (should've hit her harder I thought to myself)

She lunged at me but I moved just in time

"Lil bitch, you have no where to go I feed you I buy your clothes I bought that car and I put money in your pockets without me you are nothing"

Well according to you I'm nothing anyway and I never will be

" If you walk out that door don't come back"
"I should've swallowed!!!"
"You are nothing but a Mistake"

Your Mistake is gonna be realizing you lost the one person that would have done anything for you mom and when you finally see that it'll be too late, cause you played yourself

With that I walked out the door ✌🏽

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