An Evening With Dave

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Dave there's no regular supermarket nearby so we gonna have to settle for Walmart

"The one across from green acres mall? Just wait till we get back near the house"

No let's just go to Walmart cause by time we get back over there we gonna have to rush we're already right here ugly

"I wasn't ugly when you was just kissing me"

Yes you were still ugly when I was just kissing you

"Daya you know lying is a sin right?

Shut up and drive David

"Now I'm David"

Yeah you David cause that who I wanna get to know

"I hear you Ma" he placed his hand on my thigh and rubbed cricles on it

Mhmm I cleared my throat. Uh- you -um could you not do that. I stuttered feeling my checks warm up

"My bad Ma I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable "

Trust me it was definitely opposite. Your touch almost caused a mini waterfall.
Suddenly the car jerked and came to a complete stop. WTH dave. I looked as him worried

"Ma you can't say shit like that while I'm driving, especially if you not ready to have your Cervix ruptured"

Daveeee stop I blushed

"Dayaaaa I'm deadass" he replied

Turn right here dave

"We got here fast, let's go"

We need two carts I told him. He looked at me like I was crazy. Don't look at me like that David you know damn well ain't no food in your house

"Listen you gonna stop playing me" he chuckled

Nahh you too rich too not have food in your house. I laughed. we walked into Walmart and started loading the carts up. I started to get the toppings for the pizza when I realized I don't know what toppings Kairi like. I asked Dave to FaceTime his mom so I could talk to Kairi

"Why can't you just ask me what she like"

Cause you gonna tell me what you like, now call her. The video started connecting and Kairi and Mama East face appeared. Dada!! Kairi screamed

"Hey Babygirl someone wants to talk to you"

I took the phone and her face lit up. Zen-Zen she called me by her new nickname she gave me. Hii Kairi baby. Me and Dada getting the stuff for pizza what do you want on it

"Cheese lots of  cheese and chicken"

Chicken and cheese pizza for my little cutie. We gonna make cookies too I told her. "Yayyy" she screamed into the phone. I'll see you in a few baby girl

"Bye Zen-Zen Bye Dada she waved"

I turned to give Dave his phone but he was no longer behind me. I know he didn't walk away this store is to big to be looking for his ass. Next thing I know I see Dave coming down the aisle with a arm full of cheese. Ummm I don't think she meant that much cheese

"Hey go big or go home"

We are going home put some of that cheese back. I laughed with tears in my eyes

"Nope we keeping it let's go" he pushed me toward the register

The lady behind the register had a whole attitude because we had two carts full of things. I wanted to be Like bitch that's your job but I kept quiet so I wouldnt cause a scene. Once we were done we loaded the car up and headed back to the house

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