Deserve It

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"Wassup Ma"

Since I don't know where we going which one should I wear? I held up two outfits to him

"Umm the outfit with the jeans it'll kinda let them see your style"

Who is them??

"Nobody, put it on we gotta leave soon"

Hmm right. Dave went to go brush his hair and I dropped my towel to the floor. I was still naked underneath

"Daya we got- "

Our eyes met in the mirror and he smirked at me

"You keep getting naked in front of me and it's gonna be a problem" he bit his lip and turned to face me letting his eyes roam over my body"

What kind of problem?

"The kind where I take back what I said about waiting till your 18 for us to start an official relationship or have sex"

I smirked and started getting dress. Once I was dressed I did my hair and makeup

"Daya come on!!" Dave yelled from down stairs

I walked downstairs and striked a pose how do I look dave? Is this good for where we going

I walked downstairs and striked a pose how do I look dave? Is this good for where we going

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He walked over grabbed my waist and kissed my lips

"You looks good as fuck Ma"

We walked outside and dave told me to pick a car. I glared at him


I'm not picking shit cause every time you tell me to pick a car you end up driving something completely different then what I picked

"Not this time I promise"

G wagon.. the matte black one. Dave started walking to the car and just as I thought he was about to open the door he turned to his opposite side and opened the passenger door to his lambo

David you so annoying I knew you was gonna do this shit. I folded my arms over my chest and brush passed him to get in the car

"Don't be a baby" he smacked my ass and went around to the drivers side

Dave pulled out the drive way and I grabbed the aux cord plugging it in to my phone

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