Happy Birthday!

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Baby girl wake up. She turned over and put her head under the pillows

"For why"

What the hell is for why Daya? I'm about to sign your ass up for speech classes. I pulled the covers off of her and smacked her ass

Wake up Daya!

"Dave get out"

How you kicking me out my own room! You get out

"Dave it's early"

But it's your birthday !

She jumped out of bed and jumped on me.

Happy Birthday baby girl! She wrapped her legs around me and kissed me deeply I licked her lips asking for entrance and she let me. Our tongue fought for dominance and of course I won

We pulled away from the kiss and she pecked my lips

" thank you dave"

Come downstairs Kairi made you breakfast.

She jumped up and ran downstairs!!


Kairi jumped out from behind the couch and ran you Daya

"Happy Birthday Zen Zen I love you"

"Aww I love you too cutie"

Kairi show Daya her breakfast

Kairi grabbed Daya hand and pulled her into the kitchen. When Daya got in the kitchen she froze in her tracks and covered her face

I moved her hands from her face and she was crying

Daya why you crying? What's wrong Ma?

"This is beautiful guys, no one ever did things like this for me"

There you go being mushy again


In  here BoBo

"Yo Bro I went and picked up the neck-"

BoBo other room! Now ! I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him out the kitchen

Bo wth wrong with you, today is not the day to for you too ruin this surprise  with you talkative ass

Let me see the necklace

When bobo opened the case I immediately face palmed myself. BoBo this is definitely not her necklace bro

"Nigga that's what they gave me when I said your name "

BoBo did you even look at this?


That's not possible cause if you did you would've realized that this shit says Lola !! Who the fuck is LOLA !

"I was gonna ask you that"

BoBo I swear you better get away from me  before I kill you

"Chill bro Ima fix this"

He walked into the kitchen and picked Daya up

"Happy Birthday brat"

"Thank you big bro" she hugged him tight

"I got you something"

"Ouuuu gimme gimme" she laughed

He pulled her into the living room and sitting on the couches was two new MCM bags and a Gucci back pack

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