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I woke up and looked at my phone it was 4am and the baby wouldn't stop kicking. I looked next to me and realized Dave wasn't here.  I went downstairs to get water but I heard noise coming from the nursery. I opened the door to see BoBo chris and Dave covered in paint

Uhhh what are you guys doing

"Nope Nope Nope get out you wasn't suppose to see this. It was gonna be done when you woke up"

Aww who spray painted the animals on the wall

"Me you know these two don't have a artistic bone in they body" chris laughed and continued to paint

"Me you know these two don't have a artistic bone in they body" chris laughed and continued to paint

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"But seriously Ma you cant be in here with all the fumes"

I'm leaving babe I just want some water I'm thirsty

"Dave can quench your thirst" BoBo started laughing

You so damn childish I shook my head and left the room to go downstairs. I grabbed the water out the fridge and when I turned around I ran into a hard chest

"Sheesh slow down babe" he steadied me by my waist "are you okay?? Why you up so early"

Your child won't stop kicking me! I stretch to Grab the Oreos. Dave why you put my snacks so damn high up. I grabbed a chair to stand in

"Oh hell Nahh you gonna wobble right off that shit, get down" he picked me up and sat me on the kitchen counter then got the Oreos for me.

"You sure you okay babe"

I'm fine baby I said you while twirling my ring on my finger and smiling. I'm happy, you make me happy, Kairi makes me happy and Our son makes me happy but ima need him to hurry up

He chuckled "you so fucking beautiful Ma, I love you"

I grabbed his face and kissed him softly. You so fucking Handsome Pa, I love you too

He playfully mushed my head "annoying ass, go back to sleep" he helped me down off the counter and we walked back upstairs

The next morning I woke up to Dave yelling from downstairs. I walked out the room and looked over the banister. Babe it's 9am why are you yelling

"Come eat breakfast Ma"

Okay give me 5 mins to brush my teeth. I went to brush my teeth and wash my face. before I went back downstairs I opened the door to the nursery and it looked amazing. I went downstairs and seen Kairi sitting at the counter drinking juice and eating bacon

"Good morning mommy"

Good morning beautiful. I grabbed a piece of toast. Wait where's daddy? I looked at Kairi and she was giggling. What's-

"Ahhhhhh" Dave jumped from behind the wall with a mask on I dropped my toast and started punching him

What the hell dave why would you do that!!!

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