Unwanted Guest

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"Where's my daughter Dave"

Your Daughter?!?!? You about three years too late to be asking that fucking question Millie

"I wanna see her"

You should've thought about that before you left her then!

"Im taking her back and there's noth-"

You not taking my daughter Millie. She don't even know you!! What kind of mother just leaves their daughter no visits no call nothing!! We didn't even know where you were or if you were alive. Now after three years you think you gonna take her!! I've done everything for that lil girl. She didn't need you before and she don't need you now so stay away from us. Don't come to my house don't go to my mother house. Don't talk to my family

She pushed me and reached her hand out to smack me but Daya grabbed it. Damn she a ride or die

"Bitch do not put your hands on me"

"Millie you don't wanna go there with her" BoBo warned

"Who even is this bitch" Millie asked

"Who even is this bitch? Learn to form a proper sentence before you talk to me & this is the bitch that you gonna have to see if you think you about to put your hands on him. You wanna hit him cause you know he not gonna hit you back that's pussy. Hit me bitch! I promise the outcome won't be the same " Daya said standing in front of me

"Told you" BoBo laughed

"David ima be back for my daughter and when I come back she's leaving with me"

Keep telling yourself that Millie. You gonna have to take me to court and I promise you gonna lose

"You would take me to court all because I wanna see my daughter? You ain't shit"

You don't wanna see her Millie you wanna take her and that shit not happening! If I see you near my house again it's gonna be a problem. Get off my property

She walked away with a promise to be back. Daya rubbed my back and told me it was gonna be okay

I shrugged her off of me. Man don't touch me! Your ass still not off the hook. What the fuck was you thinking modeling for chris clothing brand

"Welp that's my cue to leave"  BoBo walked off

Daya stormed in the house slamming the door in my face. I swear this girl gonna be the death of me. I walked up the stairs to find my bedroom door lock. How the fuck you gonna lock me out my own room Zendaya??

I continuously knocked on the door till she swung it open and walked back to the closet. I noticed she was packing her stuff. Where the fuck you going??

"I'm leaving Dave. Cause clearly you don't trust me enough to know I would never do anything to purposely hurt you"

So you not leaving because I cheated or hit you but because I don't want you around a nigga that cheated on you, hit you and hurt you??

"OMG I get it Dave, he fucked up but he has apologized numerous times"

So you saying you forgive that nigga

"I'm saying I was taught to forgive, but I will never forget what happened between me and him"

I don't want you around him!

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