Hour 72

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Come on Daya it's been 64 hours. Give us something anything baby girl. I can't lose you like this

"Please wake up mommy" Kairi held Daya hand

She will Munchkin. I looked over at BoBo to see him sleep on the couch. Him and Kairi refused to leave the hospital. Every time my mom tried to take her she throws a crazy fit. Chris was even here til early this morning but he had to leave for a couple interviews

"I'm sleepy daddy" she went and got on the couch with BoBo and laid her head in his lap

The door flew open and my mother walked in looking very upset "David Brewster, Ernesto Powe get y'all asses up right now!" BoBo jumped up out his sleep which cause Kairi to wake up

Ma what's wrong? Why you yelling?

"And calling out people government names"

"Boy don't make me smack you" she glared at BoBo

I chuckled

" A hehehe my ass I don't know why you laughing cause you can get smacked too" she turned her glare in my direction

Chris walked through the door "yo I bought everyone 5 guys" Kairi shot off the couch and took the bag from chris "Thank you uncle Chris"

Chris looked at everyone else in the room and noticed how my mom was looking at all of us
"So um yeah I just came to check on you guys and bring some edible food" he turned and tried to sneak out but not before my mother could notice he was trying to leave

"Christopher Maurice Brown get your ass back here!"

"Well I'm glad I don't have have a middle name it sounds much more harsh

"What I do" chris asked with a innocent voice

"Kairi baby put your headphones on and listen to some music while you eat"

Ma what's going on why you being so sketchy ?

"How you three going to look at me with these innocent faces like you didn't do anything"

"Huh" chris said
"I don't recall" BoBo added

"I swear I'm this close to smacking fire out your ass Ernesto"

"So we still doing the government name thing"

She grabbed the bride of her nose and and turned the tv in the room to the news

News Report

At approximately 4pm this evening staff at the mandarin oriental discovered a dead body in one of the rooms. Based on The autopsy the person we now know to be Milagros Colon was shot three times. Once in the head, chest and throat

When they said throat I looked over at a smiling BoBo who was trying not to laugh

News report continues

The autopsy also shows that's Milagros had been dead at least 24hrs before she was found. Originally this was thought to be done at the hands of one person. However after further investigation it was discovered that's all three shots were done at close Range by three different types of guns. Since no one heard anything there's a good chance the shooters used silencers. This is truly a tragic event. We will keep you posted

My mother turned off the tv and glared at all of us
"Now I'm only gonna ask this one time-"

Wasn't me Ma
"I went home when I left " chris blurted out
" Damn it took them a whole day to find her after we left" BoBo said

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