Forgive Me?

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Time Jump: 2 years
Zendaya is 20
Dave is 26


Yo get off me! I gotta get home before she kills you and me

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her, and lets be honest if you loved her like you say you did then you wouldn't be here every other night and lying to her about working on your album"

That's where you wrong Christina I do love her but I'm tired of us fighting all she do is work now she never has time for us

"Look I'm not here to be your therapist just your distraction so either dick me down or leave"

I got up put on my shoes and grabbed my jacket heading for the door

"I won't continue to be the side chick dave, tell her or I will"

Even when you tell her you still won't be my girl Christina and I'll want absolutely nothing to do with you. So make sure you prepared for that. I walked out the door

Once I got home I seen rose petals leading to the kitchen but Zen wasn't no where in sight just two untouched plates of cold food. I looked at the time and realized it was 4am. I followed some more petals upstairs to the room and seen zen in bed sleep with lingerie on. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and seen a bubble bath waiting I touched the water and it was cold

What was all this for?

I took a quick shower and went back in the room and kissed zen on her neck

"Dave get off me before I break your face" she said in her sleepy voice

I sighed. Why you acting like that

She looked at the clock. "Nigga it's 4am and I been waiting for you all night thats why I'm acting like this"

Nobody told your ass to wait up!

"Zen I'm going to the studio I'll be home by 9 and we can do something ; or do you not recall saying that"

You really acting like a bitch right now. It's not even that deep

" This has been every night this week it deadass is that deep!"

Why the fuck you yelling, I'm right here

"Yo deadass get the fuck off me David" she pushed me from on top of her and got out of the bed

Where you going????

"To sleep in another room I don't wanna be next to you" she walked out the room slamming the door

I fell back on the bed. What the fuck am I doing yo

I woke up at 2 in the afternoon and Zen was already gone. I was watching tv when BoBo walked in the house

"Yo" he dapped me up

Wassup bro

"So how was it"

I looked at him super confused. How was What nigga?


Ohh I just went to the studio laid down some songs

"Yeah but how was it after" he smirked

What the hell are you talking about BoBo

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