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My Little Angel  by Ammaaraa_
My Little Angel by Ammaaraa_
"ohh you're so wet for me shreya" he said "we shouldn't do this" I said shivering, trying to control my emotions "we're doing nothing wrong enj...
The Reunion (Completed)  by Dayafanforever
The Reunion (Completed) by Intense_fan
This is a non investing story after eye gang series, we all wanted dareya back but unfortunately CID went off air. It might come back soon but before this lets imagine h...
Sirf Tum by Dayafanforever
Sirf Tumby Intense_fan
Nothing to describe.. its a Daya Purvi (Dayurvi Story)
Beyond Boundries (COMPLETED) by Dayafanforever
Beyond Boundries (COMPLETED)by Intense_fan
Daya sir is on an undercover mission and is aapointed as physical education trainer in a school. He is favorite of every student in the school. But a girl named shreya f...
7 YEARS LATERby Akshita Das
A TMKOC fanfiction The story starts after 7 years when the whole Tapu Sena has graduated 90% of the Tapu Sena has left India except a 2 people Gokuldham Society is no...
You Are Mine!!! by dareya8
You Are Mine!!!by the_knowledgeable_soul
Dareya are married for 6 months. While one of Shreya's friend enter their happy married life. What will happen when our favourite inspector daya turns possessive for wif...
TOGETHER WE COME!!! by ardentkarvian
TOGETHER WE COME!!!by ardent karvian
Kavi & Dajal are the main characters in the story. That doesn't means the story don't have our other beloved CID officers . The story have Ishiyant as well as Abhirika a...
CID Vs the eye gang  by Shadybright
CID Vs the eye gang by Shadybright
Hello people! this story will be based on The eye gang series of CID as you will be already aware that Junior Inspector Shreya is in custody as she is working with the E...
RISHTA-E-DOSTI: Ek Naiee Shurvat 💖 by RahilianForever
RISHTA-E-DOSTI: Ek Naiee Shurvat 💖by Rahilian Forever
It's set after Nakul returns series...I always felt ACP sir missed his son a lot and I also wander how the life of ACP PRADYUMAN would be if Nakul was a Positive one...P...
ZDMN + TMKOC by delicate_gurl
Should've Let Me Die (zendaya x Dave East) by ShaChief
Should've Let Me Die (zendaya x ShaChief
Just read it ❤️❤️ promise you won't be disappointed
Daddy x reader  by carolsbitch
Daddy x reader by 🦋🦋🦋
She grabs my chin and looks up at me with a soft smirk. "Lets see how you use that pretty mouth of yours Mama." _______________________________________________...
Tera Hone Laga Hoon ✔️ by GKMS-holic
Tera Hone Laga Hoon ✔️by GKMS-holic
Nothing to describe. Just peep in....
Heart to Heart ❤️💕 { Slow Update} by Little_light649
Heart to Heart ❤️💕 { Slow Update}by Faith
sometimes hate takes us towards our love Love story of # Kaya and # kavi 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 Disclaimer: Some characters are taken from cid ( Sony tv) and some are imagin...
Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum by dareya_karvi
Tujhe kitna chahne lage humby saakshi baldawat
one more story on kavi based ...and thanks to @khushu444 for this amazing cover....peep inside to know more❤❤
Trusting Again (carol denning x reader) by carolsbitch
Trusting Again (carol denning x 🦋🦋🦋
after friedas betrayal a new face shows up at c block. carol tries to learn to trust again.
Together For A Day 😍😍 by JyotiGoswami7
Together For A Day 😍😍by Jyoti Goswami
Just read this story and tell me how is this 😍😍😍 Totally Based on days shreya 😍😍😍
Beautiful Mess ✔ [Completed] by TwistedIImperfection
Beautiful Mess ✔ [Completed]by Abhishek
Daya was freaking out over his own wedding and the gang decided to take him to Las Vegas to unwind him. Warning - This Story has highly mature content. People who uphold...
SECRET LOVE (COMPLETED) by Dayafanforever
In this story Daya sir and Shreya ma'am love each other aslo confessed their love to each other. But no one in the team know about them not even Abhi sir. So lets see h...
Prank (Completed) by Passionate_Dareya
Prank (Completed)by Passionate_Dareya
Dareya Story... A sweeet cute and romantic Dareya fluff... Show their Love for each other... Cover credit to @Sumpeople...