Sorry For Your Lost

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Dave POV

5 hours. it's been 5 hours since I've been in this emergency room waiting to hear something about Daya. My impatience and worry was at an all time high.

Code blue in OR 3

That was Daya room I seen them bring her there

Wtf is a code blue!!!! I ran in the direction all the doctors went.

"Sir you can't be back here please wait in the lobby"

Man fuck the lobby. I wanna see her! Just tell me what a code blue is!! I seen two guards rushing towards me. Aye don't fucking touch me! They stopped where they were waiting for the word from the doctor

"Leave him. Sir I'll tell you something as soon as I find out what's going on"

I slid down the wall and put my head in my hands. It's been 5 hours Doc. How much longer am I gonna have to wait

"I'll be back as soon as possible I promise"

The doctor ran off and I sat in my same position on the floor staring at it. I seen feet appear in front of me. You rent a cops can leave I'm not going back there

A hand stretched out in front of me and I looked up and seen Daya father. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up.

"What happened"

How do I look in a man face and tell him his daughter he just got back was shot and is fighting for her life

She was shot

"Who would want to harm Daya"

Kairi mother. I looked down at the ground.

"Son pick your head up this isn't your fault you can't control other people actions we both need to be strong for her. I know she's gonna come out of this"


I turned around to see Kairi and my mom. Ma why did you bring her here. She doesn't need to be here I don't want her seeing me or Daya like this.

"She kept crying for her mother dave she's determined to see Millie "

Ma she not crying for Millie she's crying for Daya she called her mommy right before all this happened.

"Are you sure? Kairi what's mommy name"

"Zen Zen" she started crying again

Ma please get her outta here. She just got someone in her life that she trust enough to call mommy and then this happened. I sighed

"Dave you gotta relax Kairi seeing you all scared like this is only making her more scared"

But I am scared! Why isn't anyone getting that! I started pacing back and forth

"Dave I'm leaving Kairi here with you. Why? Because I know Daya isn't just gonna push through for herself she's gonna push through this for you and Kairi cause she loves you guys now pull yourself together for Kairi and Zendaya"

Ma I-

"Boy shutup and do what I say. Where is BoBo she raised an eyebrow at me"

Umm he had said he had-

"Boy I can tell you finna lie. Where is he"

He's out Ma

"Out doing what?"

Looking for Millie I said quickly and walked away. Well at least I tired to walk away. She grabbed my by my hoodie almost making me fall

"Why is he looking for her??? I thought we decided to leave her to the cops "

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