Help Me Help You

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"Ma you don't have to do this"

"Ma??? I don't recall giving birth too you" she said

I mentally chuckled to myself this girl is seconds from jumping but has the time to be a smart ass

"Baby girl why are you doing this??"

"I have nothing, I have no one, I have no place to sleep, live or bathe. My mother hates me. I never knew someone could hate their child that much I have nothing to live for."

"Live for me Ma." I reach my hand out to her "All you gotta do is grab my hand."

"Live for you?? I don't even know you bro. If I let you pull me over this rail you'll just abandon me like everyone else."

"Baby girl I promise I won't. Just take my hand." I could see her glance at me but she quickly looked away. "Ma you have your whole life ahead of you . Choose to live it."

"Can you just leave please!!! This is what I want. Don't save me, I don't wanna be saved"

"You don't mean anything you're saying right now. I know you don't I can see it in your eyes. Trust me I won't abandon you after this"

"I'm sorry I don't know you so I definitely won't be trusting you"

She lets go of the rail quickly....."NOOOOOOO!!!!"

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