Always Something

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I turned around in Chris lap to see Dave and Simone coming into VIP. I know this nigga not serious?

Yo why she here! I asked with a attitude

"Cause I go where I -"

No no bitch I advise you not to answer anything that's not directed to you. Did I ask a question that was about you? Yes but I did not personally ask you hoe! So please have a sit before I drag you out of here like I dragged you out dave house

Now David what the fuck is she doing here??

"I didn't bring her here ! She was already here so I just invited her to chill with us"

David I don't like this bitch and you know it so please tell me wtf you were thinking

"Puta what you need to worry about is that boyish body in that dress" Simone said

I got off chris lap and set right next to Simone, I put my hand near her temple, what you need to worry about is making sure your ass and tits don't leak when I beat that ass. I mushed her in the face

Chris grabbed me pulling me back against him
"Ma it's not worth it we here to have fun"
He turned my face to fully look at him and put his forehead against mine. "Okay beautiful"

I nodded my head and kissed his cheek it would be weird if I kissed him on the lips in front of David

Suddenly body party by Ciara came on and I love this song to much not to dance

I grabbed Chris hand. Dance with me??


"So you not gonna tell her we fucked again earlier"

I glared at Simone

Bitch why tf would I tell her some shit like that

"Why wouldn't you tell her, let her know I'm still your girl"

You not tho. What don't you get about that, you're just an easy fuck

"I know you love me" she put her legs in my lap

I mentally rolled my eyes. Yeah whatever

I looked on the Dance floor and seen a crowd forming. I stood up to get a better view and seen Daya grinding against Chris they moved in perfect sync. But I didn't care cause it's just a dance.

Suddenly Chris turned her around to face him and they kissed. She didn't push him away I could tell she was into it

"Stop starring you bozo and when did they become a thing"

I turned around to see BoBo walking into vip

Stfu Bo I have no idea but that shit is a Dub he my bro but he can't have her

"You do realize I'm sitting right here don't you" Simone said

I sighed. Before I could say anything BoBo beat me too it

"Why are you sitting here" BoBo said
"I was invited "
"Bitch you ever heard of declining, you don't have to say yes to everything. But then again that would explain the reason your legs always open"

Chris came walking back into VIP

"Where my baby mama" BoBo asked?

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