Nothing To Live For

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4 days!!! It's been 4 days sense I left home. I haven't slept besides the 2hrs I had on the playground yesterday night before the cops kicked me out the park I hate NYC police I swear. I haven't eaten I haven't bathed and I refuse to go to work smelling like mad jungle booty and shake that ass I'm pretty sure I'm fired anyway

How stupid was I to leave my car keys but then again I didn't want anything that bitch gave me I only took my clothes because it'll be winter soon and New York winter is no joke. It deadass gets mad cold.

I went to check the time on my phone "fuck this shit finally died, now what"

Honestly what am I doing. I have nothing! Maybe I am nothing. Maybe my mom has been right this whole time.

I should just end it all right now. I have no one so no one will miss me. My mom wouldn't even know I was dead.

I should just jump, I'm already on the bridge and since it's 3am there's no one to stop me.

I drop my duffle bag and climb over the railing of the bridge. Count to 10 and this will all be over I said to myself.


The lights from an approaching car causes me to freeze and stop counting thank god I'm wearing all black maybe they won't see me.

Im on my way home from my show with my nigga BoBo and he talking about how crazy the show got

" Nigga ima need for you to keep your shirt on while you on stage as of tonight, that crazy broad jumped on staged and tackled you like she was a fucking linebacker and you was at the 10yrd line"

Bo you a whole Fucking fool, she was crazy tho it took 3 baby hulk ass niggas to get her off the Fucking stage.

"Nigga I'm dead. Ayo Brewster take the bridge we'll get there quicker cause a nigga hungry"

Son you always hungry stfu and what I told you about calling me by my last name you lucky you my bro cause I would've been broke your jaw

"I WoUlD'vE BeEN BrOKe YOuR JaW.... stfu and drive"

Bo tell me if I'm bugging but do you see a person hanging off the railing of the bridge? "Nahh B you just tired keep driving" Man fuck you Bo I'm not that tired I know what I see

I slowed the car down and rolled down the window you could hear the person counting they had just hit the number 6.

In one swift motion I jumped out the car.
I slowly approached the person. "Hey you don't wanna do this let me help you back over"

When the person turned around I was caught off guard she couldn't have been no more than 17 I had to stop this.

"Don't come any closer" she said

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