I Do? 💍

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I woke up and Zen wasn't in bed. I got nervous cause it's our wedding day and she isn't next to me and after what I told her last night I wouldn't be surprised if she left

I walk out of our room and I smell breakfast and to my surprise it doesn't smell burnt. I walked downstairs and Zen is at the counter eating I kiss her cheek and try to grab a piece of her bacon but she smacks my hand

You not sharing?

"Yours is in the microwave"

I open the microwave and instantly face palm myself. Zen what is this? You only burn my food when you mad at me. What I do??

She slid her phone across the counter . And continued to eat when I picked up the phone Christina had posted a picture of her holding onto my arm that said @daveeast when he wants that old thing back ❤️. Then the shaderoom reposted it with a caption that said. Wasn't he getting married today 🤔


"Go look at the comments on my page"

Some of the comments were really harsh. Some people were telling her not to let this break us but a comment from Christina caught my eye. @zendaya I'm carrying his third child"

I looked up and she was crying. Zen this bitch is lying. Plus that picture was taken at a bad angle I snatched away from her. She rolled her eyes and walked over to her laptop. Zen do you hear me? What are you doing?

"I'm sending out sorry emails this wedding is off" she typed frantically on her laptop

Are you high? We getting married. I walked over and pushed her laptop to the floor making the screen go black. She hopped up and pushed me away from her. I pulled her back to me babe stop! She started hitting my chest and I grabbed her wrist. Babe stop she lying

"How do I know that???"

I haven't even been in reaching distance of that girl since me and you broke up that time. Matter fact if I know anything I know that chris records everything he finds funny . I pulled out my phone and called chris

Chris: nigga you don't get married for another 4 hours let me sleep

Dave: I need the video from last night

Chris: W-what video. I don't know what you talking about he laughs

Dave: chris not right now. Zen is trying to call off the wedding .

Chris: What?? Alright I'm sending it right now. He hung up

The video came through on my phone and I handed it to Zen " I don't wanna see that"

So you just gonna call off the wedding without knowing the truth??? I felt my eyes getting watery

"No" she started laughing

I don't understand how this is funny. I glared at her

"This is payback for that cruel joke with BoBo"

What???? I said through clenched teeth

"I was never calling off the wedding. Chris sent me that video last night before you even got home cause he didn't trust Christina. That's why I just laughed when you told me last night. I was waiting to see if you was gonna tell me at all"

I picked her up and set her on the counter. I stood between her legs and kissed her. That shit wasn't funny Ma that shit almost got you kidnapped and taken out the country you wasn't leaving me

She looked down at her laptop on the floor "you buying me a new one"

I'll buy you anything you want babe. I kissed her and bit her lip. she whimpered and pulled me closer. I gripped her hair and pulled her head back letting my tongue trail her neck before biting and kissing it

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