Choose your words wisely

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Fuck, I'm sorry daya I didn't me-

"I know what you meant she said cutting me off , I'm not a charity case Dave I can figure this out on my own she said with tears filling her eyes "

Can you??? Can you really figure this out on your own??

"Yes I c-"

No you can't!! I yelled cutting her off. You can't ! Your 17 with no where to go!

She started crying Hysterically

Daya I don't mean to yell at you But you will take my help even if you don't want too

"You can't make me stay here" she said

Try me I said mugging the shit outta her
She jumped off the bed and tried to make a run for the door

Before she can even reach for the door knob I grabbed her by her waist pulling her back to me
Ma why you being so stubborn. I just told your ass you not going anywhere and you WILL let me help you

She stared hitting my chest and trying to push me off her while crying . I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder I walked over to the bed gently putting her down

Don't do that shit again daya!!! As much as I want too help you I will not tolerate your lil ass abusing me and shit you fucking heavy handed

"Heavy handed? Dave you 2x my size how tf and you keeping me here is practically kidnap. I don't wanna be here and I don't want any handouts"

So where you gonna go daya??


So you just gonna lie to my face? I know you can't go home you already told me your mom hates you and judging by that bruise on the side of your face home doesn't look like somewhere you should want to go.

"How do you know this happened at home??"

Just taking a wild guess? Am I right?

She hung her head low

" yes" she said barely above a whisper

Your mom hit you?

"Yes but it's okay cause I elbowed that bitch in her esophagus" She said with a chuckle

You have a nice smile you should show it more often

She blushed "thanks Dave"

Please let me help you Day-Day

"How many nicknames am I going to get"she asked me while laughing

As many as I feel like giving you I looked at her

"Dave I'm not charity I still want too leave"

Daya are you hard of hearing?? You too young for that shit
How many time I'm gonna tell you that you not going anywhere especially not to your mother house damn! I won't let you go back to that environment so get over it Ma

"David Brewst-"

Daya....choose your words wisely I said through clenched teeth

She said quiet

Daya how about this I won't give you any handouts. You can work for it

"What kind of work" she raised an eyebrow at me

There was a lot of ways for me to answer that question but I had to remember she was underage and I also had a girl plus I wanted to show her that she can trust me
So instead I said to her. You can be my live in assistant and a babysitter for Kairi from time to time. I will pay you weekly and everything else that's in the house you can help yourself too that way the money you make is yours

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