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Jenna sat up in the warm bed, running her fingers through her long charcoal colored hair. It took a moment for her to realize what day it was but the moment she did she shot out of bed, nearly kicking her lover in the face while doing so.

Ryan groaned from the bed, feeling her absence. Jenna ignored thus however and quickly threw some clean clothes on.

Today was a special day for Ryan and Jenna, they were getting their first house together. This wouldn't be the first time the two had lived together in fact they once lived in an apartment they had renovated but their landlord kicked them out a week after they finished. Balz and Ryan took the two in while they house hunted which surprisingly didn't take long. Fortunately Angelo and Kelly pointed them in the direction of a good realtor seeing they had just purchased their own house recently.

"Jen?" Ryan mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

"Get up sweetie, we have to get our bags packed for the house." Jenna answered, spulling her clothes from the hamper to stuff them into a bag.

Ryan groaned again, sitting up in bed this time.

"Can we get coffee first?" He asked, rubbing his face with his hands.

"If you start packing I'll go run and get some." She replied.

Ryan shot up from the bed, beginning to stuff his clothes into his suitcase. Jenna giggled at him, walking out of the room to go get their coffee.

"Getting coffee I see." Balz's voice said making her stumble as she ran down the stairs.

"Yea, wanna come?" Jenna replied.

"Sure thing." He said, following her down.

The two walked out to Jenna's old Impala, climbing in quickly to avoid the rain that poured down.

"You excited?" Balz asked, buckling his buckle.

"Extremely, I've been wanting this for a very long time." Jenna smiled as she puled out onto the street.

Jenna was an orphan growing up, she had been depressed and on the verge of doing something horrible when Balz and TJ walked into her life. The three were wild together. Later, Balz introduced Jenna to Ryan and she fell within seconds. It took a couple years before she outed her feelings but Ryan shared his as well. A year later the two got their first place together. Ryan gave her the feeling of home that she had always wanted.

"So what do you think your'e going to do first once you get unpacked?" Balz asked.

"Probably just sit in awe for a little bit then go jump into the pool." She answered making him laugh.

They grabbed the coffee and headed back to Balz's house, finding both Ryan's shoving bags into the back of Ryan's car. The moment He saw her pull up, he ran over to her car, threw the car door open, grabbed his coffee and started chugging it down making the three laugh.

"Jesus." Ryan giggled, watching as the other Ryan downed his drink.

Jenna shook her head smirking as she climbed out of the car. She handed Ryan her drink then hand Balz his.

"Excited?" Ryan asked, watching Jenna as she took a small sip of her tea.

"Yup." She grinned.

Ryan walked over to her and put his hand on his hip, leaning in to kiss her cheek.

"Ready to get going?" He asked.

She nodded in reply, more then excited to see her home.

Twenty minutes later, Jenna stood outside of her house, looking at the home in awe as she said she would.

Jenna loved the dark grey siding and the light colored wood that popped against the house's dark features. It was her dream house to say the least, it looked like the house she had drawn in the comics she made.

"Ready?" Ryan said, gripping her hand.

Jenna nodded, feeling the tears in her eyes already. 

The two stepped into the room, sighing in shock as they saw how everything came together so well. It almost looked familiar to Jenna but she couldn't put her finger on it. They continued walking through out the house, their grins getting bigger as they moved from room to room.

"So I've got a surprise." Ryan said, stepping onto their back patio with her.

"Oh?" She asked.

"This house was designed after the house in your comics. I had a carpenter build this entire place just for you." Ryan said, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked into the crystal blue pool water.

Jenna froze, realization kicking  in. She started to choke on her tears, jumping into his arms.

"I just wanted your first house to be special ya know?" He asked, rubbing her back.

"I love you so so so much Ryan, I couldn't ask for anyone better." Jenna cried.

Ryan smiled, kissing her head.

"Love ya too JJ."He said.

Not my best but I might make a part two to this.

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