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Allisha almost choked when her mind processed what was about to happen when she saw the gym full of teens hold up a water balloon. She would've ducked or pulled the school's top jock in front of her but she couldn't move fast enough. Before she knew it, her black dress was covered in baby pink paint. 

She gasped, looking down at her dress that had been so so beautiful. The gym erupted in a fit of laughter as Allisha took off the stage, running for the exit as teens pointed in hysterics. Allisha pushed the doors open and tripped into the dark parking lot, landing on her knees as tears ran down her white cheeks that were turning red.

"Hey, you okay?" A voice asked making her head shoot up.

Chris, one of the school's 'emo's' but most talented person, stood there, wearing black skinny jeans and a dark purple dress shirt.

"Yea." Allisha sniffled, looking away as she tried to stand up in the long dress.

"Sweetie, the paint on your dress and your eyes tell another story." Chris said, walking closer.

Allisha looked away, too embarrassed to look him in the eye and tell him otherwise.

"What happened?" Chris asked, looking over her dress.

"They made me a rendition of Carrie but failed to inform me before." Allisha said before attempting to get the paint off her dress.

"Hey, no, it's gonna spread. Let me get you some clothes out of my car." Chris said before walking off towards a beat up camaro. 

Allisha watched as he dug through the back of his car before returning with some pants and a t shirt.

"As much as I prefer you going inside to change, I don't think that's too good of an idea." Chris said, handing her the clothes.

"Um, I'll change over there." Allisha replied, pointing to a shadowed area.

Chris nodded, turning his back so she could have privacy. Allisha walked over and quickly changed, returning with the dress in her hands.

" Better?" Chris asked.

"Definetely, thank you." She replied, pushing a piece of hair behind her ear.

The two stood there for a moment before Chris finally broke the silence.

"Did you get a chance to dance with anyone?" he asked.

"No, my date ditched me to grind with a cheerleader." Allisha replied.

"Wanna dance?" He looked at her, mentally complimenting her green eyes.

"There's no music." She replied softly.

"That's an easy fix." Chris chuckled.

He walked over to his car and rolled down the two front windows before turning on the radio. He turned the volume up loud enough for the two to easy hear before holding his hands up for her. Allisha placed her dress on the ground before putting her hands in his. Chris guided them to his shoulders before gently putting his hands on her waist. 

The two swayed together, enjoying the rock music that played over the radio.

"You know, Allisha, you have gorgeous eyes." Chris said, making her blush.

She tried to turn her head but Chris put a hand under her chin and made her look at him.

"Hey, I know you've had a really shitty year but don't let them get to you. They'll tear you apart Allisha, it'll kill me to see them do that to you." Chris said, looking directly into her eyes.

She started to tear up some so Chris pulled her in for a hug.

"You, need anything at all, you get a hold of me, you hear?" Chris said, rubbing her back.

"Does that mean you'll give me a ride home?" She asked making him laugh.

"Yea, hop in." Chris said, letting her go.

(12 years later)

Allisha sat at the couch, five containers of wings from Buffalo Wild Wings sitting in front of her as she waited for Chris to get home. She heard the front door open and the sounds of Chris singing her name over and over again.

"Oh my Allishaaaaaaa." Chris sang making her giggle.

"Oh shit." Chris muttered from the entry way before walking to the living room to see her sitting on the couch.

"I thought you were still at work." He chuckled nervously.

"I got to leave early." She replied, smiling at him.

Chris sat down next to her, placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Happy 12 year anniversary babe." He grinned.

She smiled and kissed him gently.

"I got you a little something." Chris said, holding up a small box.

"Oh you didnt have to, Chris." She replied, hiding his gift behind her.

"Babe, you've dealt with me for twelve years now, you deserve this." He chuckled. 

Allisha rolled her eyes playfully before taking the box from his hand. She carefully pulled the top off before glancing inside. She gasped when she saw the two rings that laid in the box, recognizing them to be her parents' enagagement rings.

"How did you..?" She asked, speechless.

"Your aunt found them, I had them cleaned up and fixed." Chris answered, smiling at her.

Allisha picked his hand up, sliding her father's ring onto his finger.

"I love you Chris." She said, grinning.

"Does that mean you'll marry me?" He asked.

Her jaw dropped.

"Of course!" She yelled.

Chris laughed and slid her mother's ring onto her finger.

"Good, now let's eat."

I am so so sorry this took so long for me to get up. I got kinda sick after i got this request but I'll try to stay on top of things from now on. I'm gonna be working on A God Among Us some before I work on anymore requests but feel free to leave some. -Chris

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