Vinny Mauro/ Hope pt.2

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(One year later)

"Thank you so much guys, you have no clue how much we appreciate this." Olivia said and Kylie gently rocked the youngest of the triplets, Alexsander.

"Oh it's no problem, you both need some time to yourselves and your babies are so easy to take care of." Kylie smiled.

"Makes me want some of my own." Devin said making Kylie blush slightly.

Vinny and Olivia chuckled before Vinny finally put the oldest, Tobias, in his crib.

"They've been fed so they should be good. We'll try not to be gone for long." Olivia said, handing her daughter to Devin who carefully held the small baby.

"Take your time." Devin smiled.

"Babe, we gotta go or we'll miss our table." Vinny said as he put a hand on his wife's waist.

"Thank you all so much, good luck." Olivia smiled before walking out of the house with Vinny.

"Finally, some time out of the house." Vinny smiled.

"I feel like a new person." She joked as they climbed into the car.

Vinny chuckled and turned the car on, completely unaware of what was to come.

They arrived at the fancy restaurant and ordered their door. Vinny reached over the table and took Olivia's hand.

"What's on your mind love?" He asked.

"Mm just some good news I'll tell you after we eat." Olivia smirked knowing that it would torment Vinny.

He was the type that loved surprises but had a hard time waiting.

As if on cue, their food arrived and they happily ate, having small conversations about Olivia's job as a commission artist. Once they finished, they walked to a nearby park and sat on the swings.

"So what's the surprise?" Vinny asked.

"Well, I've been suspicious about something and checked it out to see if I was correct and I was." Olivia smiled.

"What does that mean?"

Olivia chuckled and took his hand in hers.

"I'm pregnant." She smiled.

Vinny's eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. He hugged Olivia and spun them around.

"That's amazing Olivia!" He smiled happily.

"We need to get back and tell Devin and Kylie!" He pulled Olivia to their car and quickly drove them back home.

"That was quick." Devin said as they entered the house.

"Olivia is pregnant!" Vinny said happily, bouncing around like a little kid.

Kylie smiled and hugged Olivia.

"That's awesome! More kids." Devin said and fist bumped Vinny.

"How're the kids?" Olivia asked.

"They're in bed, Alex got a little fussy but I gave him his blanket and he was happy." Kylie answered.

"That's great, thank you guys so much." Olivia said, reaching into her purse to pay them.

"Oh don't worry about paying us, it was great." Devin smiled.

Olivia hugged them before yawning.

"We'd better get going. Have a good night." Kylie and Devin waved as they left.

Really short but hey, more babies!

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